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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Package Delivery Apps: Your Guide To On Demand Delivery

Package Delivery Apps: Your Guide To On Demand Delivery
Package Delivery Apps: Your Guide To On Demand Delivery

The innovation of technology has made it possible for companies specialising in delivery to experience a smoother and more productive process. Like any other industry, delivery businesses encounter their own number of challenges. These can include a lack of visibility, long delays, labour costs, booking management and excessive fuel consumption. 

These problems can be easily solved by using a reliable package delivery app to enhance your business’ performance, allowing you to save time and money. 

Locate2u provides a reliable package delivery app that helps businesses improve their performance by optimising routes, arranging bookings and giving business owners the ability to track their drivers in real-time.

Customer receiving package
Customer receiving package

What Are Package Delivery Apps?

Package delivery apps are apps that help streamline deliveries for businesses. Depending on the type of delivery app, businesses can have access to route optimisation, real-time tracking, booking management and driver ratings. 

The purpose of a delivery app is to make life easier for business owners and create a smoother delivery process from start to finish. No need for spreadsheets and hours of planning when this type of technology automatically plans routes for you.

What Good Package Delivery Apps Need

What makes a reliable package delivery app is its ability to plan faster routes quicker than manually entering them, and enabling contact between drivers and management. In order to achieve this, these apps require route optimisation. Prior to this solution, most business owners would have to manually plan their routes, taking into account the availability of their drivers, how many stops there are, their locations, and the type of vehicle being used. This could take up hours of your day, especially if you encounter any issues during the planning process. Route optimisation takes the weight off business owners and gives them optimised routes in seconds!

A package delivery app should include real-time tracking to keep track of team members and have peace of mind they are working productively. It also establishes security for your vehicles and the goods being transported. Should your customer’s goods go missing or end up at the wrong location, then you can see where your driver has been and where the product could be. This makes the retrieval process a lot easier, and keeps your driver’s and the products they’re transporting accountable. Another reason real-time tracking is necessary for these apps is that you can give your customers improved ETAs. In doing so, you give them a quality delivery experience that could lead to future use of your services. 

Locate2u delivery management software
Locate2u delivery management software

How Locate2u Can Help Deliver Your Packages

Locate2u is an all-in-one platform that can optimise your routes, provide real-time tracking, booking management and proof of delivery. This software operates to improve your business’ operational efficiency by making the delivery process as smooth as possible. 

The following paragraphs will explore the features of Locate2u and how they help business owners and fleet managers keep organised and enhance productivity. 

Route Optimisation saves you hours of planning by creating the most efficient routes for your drivers. Not having this solution means it can take hours to schedule bookings, ultimately slowing down your business’ productivity. Automated route planning allows you to choose a number of jobs, allocate a driver and then automate the most time-effective journey to complete the booking. What makes this software so ground-breaking is that all of this is achieved in a matter of minutes, not hours. Optimised routes result in less time spent on the road, reducing fuel consumption so your business can save money and time.

Locate2u also offers real-time tracking, which gives you access to your driver’s location in real-time. This technology allows you to see where your drivers are throughout the day so you have peace of mind they are on the right track. You can easily send your customer a live tracking link and make them a part of the delivery journey. In doing so, they can predict when their order will arrive and be made aware if there are any delays or issues during the delivery. 

If you want to know that your bookings are being completed successfully, then proof of delivery can help. Locate2u’s proof of delivery system allows drivers to capture evidence through digital signatures and photo confirmation. Should a customer have any questions or issues regarding their order, you can simply access the information surrounding the delivery. This minimises potential customer complaints and keeps your team members accountable.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your customer thought about their delivery experience, then Locate2u’s driver rating system gives you that insight. It’s the perfect way to read your customer’s mind as they get the opportunity to voice their opinions on the service they were given and whether or not their delivery encountered errors. You can correct any problems before your customer publishes a complaint online and ensure these errors don’t occur again. 

Route planning best practices
Route planning best practices

Benefits Of A Reliable Package Delivery App

Having a reliable package delivery app creates a number of advantages for both your business and your customers. These include returned customers, fewer complaints, better experience, streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. 

1. Returned Customers 

Using a delivery package app that offers a range of features such as real-time tracking, route optimisation and driver ratings can increase the number of returning customers. By sending your customers a live tracking link via SMS, they can access their driver’s location. Such visibility keeps them involved throughout the delivery process, thus leading to an improved experience that increases the likelihood of them using your services again. 

2. Fewer Complaints

Customer complaints can make or break your business, especially small businesses. Published online complaints can deter other customers from using your services and can ultimately damage your reputation. Having a driver rating system gains you insight into how your customer felt about the delivery. Should there be any issues such as extended delays, missing or damaged parcels, you can correct these errors and eliminate the possibility of them occurring again. 

3. Streamlined Operations

As a business owner or fleet operator, there is a lot of planning and stress involved when managing bookings. A package delivery app like Locate2u can help streamline your operations by arranging your deliveries and optimising routes for your drivers to ensure they’re on the most efficient journey possible. Using route optimisation builds time-effective routes for you in only seconds, allowing you to spend time on other business operations to enhance productivity. 

Locate2u: The Best Of The Package Delivery Apps 
Locate2u: The Best Of The Package Delivery Apps 

Locate2u: The Best Of The Package Delivery Apps 

It’s safe to say that Locate2u is the quality choice when it comes to package delivery apps. This technology gives you the ability to track your driver’s in real-time, keeping your team and the items they’re transporting accountable.  Also  by having your delivery operations streamlined you enhance your business’ productivity, allowing you to focus on other operations. 

Locate2u doesn’t only accommodate delivery services but any in industry where team members are being sent on site. 

Learn more about why Locate2u is the best of the package delivery apps by clicking here.

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