OBD2 Port Device

This compact and affordable device for vehicle tracking is great for a flexible fleet, there is no need for installation as it plugs directly into your vehicle, meaning you can swap between vehicles whilst keeping track of them even when out of mobile range.

That way you can always know where your team is, and you can verify when your team was at that location if a customer asks.

Rugged GPS Hardwired Device

This ultra-rugged device is hardwired to your vehicle that cannot be removed, allowing higher security and a less likelihood of being stolen. It is suitable for heavy equipment, trucks, motorbikes and cars.

This device can help keep track of vehicles even out of mobile range as well as sharing your live location with the customer so they can see when you arrive.

Battery powered Device

This battery-powered device eliminates the need for a powersource, so you can track anything from bikes, pallets, shipping containers, etc.

This device’s main objective is security due to the presence of assets being stolen and left at the wrong worksite, with up to 7 years battery life for long-term asset tracking and theft recovery.

You can track any equipment or freight you want with the help of two screws.


GPS Tracking provides full visibility for you as a business owner, meaning you can see the location of your fleet anywhere, anytime.

You can be assured your team and vehicles are safe by checking on driver behaviour whilst they’re on the road. If a vehicle is stolen, GPS tracking can help you recover the vehicle quickly and easily.

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