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Tom Grove - UR Drive
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I'm blown away by the effectiveness of the Locate2U devices and the flexibility it affords my business...

David Zelton - Courier Exchange
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Great service and very helpful, nothing is a problem to them. I would recommend 👌 them to anyone A+.

Aaron Clark - Husk Bakery
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I trialled Locate2U and it was perfect - Automatically increased customers by about 30% on the first day as they knew where I wa...


Locate2u helps your service or delivery business meet the demands of your customers today.

You need a system to organize your customer's bookings, throw away the spreadsheets, paper and whiteboards.

Stop calling your team while on the road, asking them for their location and status updates.

Use Locate2u. That's how you'll save time, money and your business will grow.


Manage Bookings

Manage all your bookings in one location. View in real time the status of your bookings in real time.

Manage Bookings
Route Optimisation


Route Optimisation

Take all your deliveries for the day and run them through our route optimisation engine. Our engine will optimise the route sending you in the most efficient route, saving your time and money.

GPS Tracking

Track any asset, anywhere.

Use our range of GPS devices to track your vehicles, equipment and even your freight.
We have a plug and play device, hardwired device and a simple to use battery operated device.


phone tracking
Phone Tracking


obd2 gps
OBD2 Port GPS Device


rugged gps
Rugged GPS Hardwired Device


battery powered GPS
Battery powered Device
live location

Live Location Tracking

Share your live location with your customers, so they can see your estimated arrival time.

proof of delivery

Proof of Delivery

Capture a signature and photo of the goods on delivery via our mobile app. Your customers can view the information in real time. Saving you time and money.

customer reviews

Customer Reviews

Capture customer feedback the moment a delivery has been completed. Once a delivery has been completed we’ll send an SMS allowing your customer to rate their experience and provide any feedback.

sms alert

SMS Alerts

Tell your customers when you're on route via our automated SMS system. Customers will never have to worry about when you will arrive.

Locate2u is perfect for:

same day couriers
Same Day Couriers

If you're running a same day courier business, use Locate2u to manage your deliveries from start to finish.

restaurant delivery
Restaurant Delivery

Use your own delivery drivers to save you time and money. Send your bookings from your delivery platform to Locate2u and we'll automatically import your bookings.

food delivery
Food Delivery

Delivering food or even running a food truck. Locate2u is the perfect tool to optimize your delivery run saving your time and money.

Retail Delivery
Retail Delivery

Offer your customers same day delivery of your products with your very own delivery team.

product delivery
Product Delivery

Delivering new product to your customers? Use Locate2u to optimise your route and provide your customers with a live estimated arrival time.

delivery drivers
Delivery Drivers

Are you given a manual job sheet on paper or excel? Use Locate2u to optimise your run and let your customers know when you'll arrive. Saving you hours!

grocery delivery
Grocery Delivery

Delivering groceries to your customers? Need to improve your delivery service? Use Locate2u to manage your bookings, optimise your run and give your customers and estimated arrival time.

line haul
Line Haul

Track your truck accross the country in real time. Use your battery operated GPS to track the live location of your freight as it moves from warehouse to truck. Our booking management system will also allow you to capture electronic proof of delivery.

Increase productivity by 10X

with the only app your delivery business needs.

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