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4 steps for improving your proof of delivery rate

4 steps for improving your proof of delivery rate
4 steps for improving your proof of delivery rate

Nearly half of Australian customers are unlikely to order again from a company with no delivery tracking status or proof of delivery.

It leaves online shoppers frustrated, not knowing when the parcel will arrive. If they are not home, it can leave a customer service official on an extended hunting trail to allocate the parcel.

By using proof of delivery techniques, companies can manage their last-mile delivery process efficiently, protecting themselves from disputes and losses. As a bonus, customer satisfaction is also improved.

According to a survey, 93% of customers want to stay informed during the delivery process, while 47% say they will not order again from a company with poor visibility. This directly impacts customer satisfaction, sending it into a negative review.

What is proof of delivery? 

Proof of delivery shows that the customer has received the goods or services as per their order. It often includes a delivery receipt, which serves as evidence that the package was successfully handed over to the intended recipient.

Proof of delivery builds trust and customer satisfaction. It can also help your business resolve legal conflicts or avoid them before they reach that point.

Why is proof of delivery important?

Proof of delivery is more than just capturing a photograph. It not only confirms that the order has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient. It’s also an opportunity for the customer to review your service or product. With each proof of delivery, albeit a photo or signature, there’s an opportunity to improve your service, product, or fix an operational glitch.

Here are four steps your company can follow to secure a successful proof of delivery and live parcel tracking.

1. Capturing electronic proof of delivery

A photo or an electric signature can save a company time and money. Electronic signature capture is a key delivery feature that ensures a secure and transparent delivery processes.

However, having nothing to fall back on once a customer complains can leave you with a red face and a bad review.

A comprehensive proof of delivery document is crucial as it contains all pertinent details about the delivery. This includes the recipient’s name, delivery address, date and time of delivery, information on the delivered items, and the recipient’s signature or acknowledgment of receipt.

3 reasons why drivers should capture proof of delivery on mobile

  1. Using a mobile device with the right software can make it easier for the delivery driver to always have the small device on hand.
  2. The data is electronically stored on the device, which means it’s tampered-proof. Even if the device’s battery dies, it’s still safe.
  3. Having a database with the proof of delivery for each day makes analyses easier.

This ensures that the delivery service is accountable and efficient, providing better customer satisfaction.

Taking accurate photos during proof of delivery

UPS has seen a more than 15% reduction in US delivery-related support requests due to photos being taken.

However, taking blurred photos or capturing the signature incorrectly can defeat the purpose of having proof of delivery.

Blurred delivery photo

How to keep track of stolen parcels?

With a delivery driver taking photos for proof of delivery, it can even help establish how many items have been stolen or damaged. By confirming that parcels have been successfully delivered, businesses can reduce the risk of theft and improve customer trust.

According to Finder, 5% of Australians – equivalent to 1 million people – have had their parcel stolen in the past 12 months.

Blurred delivery photos

2. Real-time tracking in the delivery process

With real-time tracking technology, not only can you verify that your customers have received their parcels on time, but they can also know exactly when to expect their delivery, to the minute.

Delivery management software plays a crucial role in providing tools for dispatching, tracking, and managing deliveries with features like GPS tracking and electronic proof of delivery.

Advanced technology is secure, fast, and super convenient. Most of the real-time tracking technology on the market can be used by customers without computer literacy.

How do you decide what technology to use as a company?

Here is a list of Australia’s five top tracking applications that enable proof of delivery.

5 top delivery companies using real-time tracking and proof of delivery technology

  1. Australia Post: Customers can book an urgent delivery on the same day before 11 am, subject to capacity.
  2. DHL Express: Deliver door-to-door to and from more than 220 countries and territories.
  3. CourierPlease: It offers domestic and international courier services for next-day or express services.
  4. Zoom2u: This service helps customers track their deliveries live and send proof of delivery with a link to their phone.
  5. FedEx Australia: Offers shipping and e-commerce solutions to businesses of any size worldwide.

These companies also ensure the secure handling of legal and financial documents through their advanced proof of delivery systems.

Delivery companies utilize proof of delivery systems to track delivery progress and ensure accountability and transparency in their operations.

3. Delivery notifications and electronic proof

The data captured electronically leaves digital proof of delivery records, a crucial delivery feature that can be analyzed to improve your service. By including all necessary delivery details, a customer can gain valuable insights into when, how, and where packages are processed.

Businesses can also have a visible digital oversight of the drivers during the proof of delivery process. This helps to call a driver back to the specific location if the proof of delivery photo or signature is missing or inaccurate. Businesses can correct a potential mistake and leave a customer happy.

What are delivery notifications?

Delivery notifications are snippets of information of where the parcel is heading. These notifications can also serve as a delivery receipt, providing evidence that the package is on its way to the customer. This helps a customer during the proof of delivery process, to have a better oversight of where and when the package will reach its destination.

It’s automated real-time updates, which give the customer status updates of the delivery process. It could be via email, SMS, or a mobile app.

How do delivery notifications work?

Typically, the updates are sent following the completion of these steps:

  • When a package is scheduled to start the delivery process.
  • When a package is ready to leave the depot or warehouse.
  • When there are any delays expected.
  • When the delivery driver is ready to pick up the parcel.
  • If a delivery cannot be completed.
  • When the delivery is successful and proof of delivery has been signed.

These steps are part of a comprehensive delivery system that ensures transparency and efficiency in the delivery process.

4. How to improve the proof of delivery

To improve the quality of the experience your customers receive, there are a few things to focus on.

For businesses offering delivery services, these improvements can lead to better customer satisfaction and fewer disputes.

You can make it mandatory for delivery drivers to document the drop-off process, include time-stamps of all the stamps, and collect extra information like setting up furnature.

Make pictures mandatory

Taking photos, in addition to signatures, reviews, and tracking orders, is vital. Taking photos ensures that the package has been successfully delivered and provides visual proof for both the customer and the business. Drivers having to take a photo before delivery can be signed off as completed can have a huge impact on the company’s output.

It also serves as a backup for delivery drivers to prove they arrived at the address on time. It leaves valuable elements for the driver, business owner, and customer.

Time-stamp proof of delivery

Automated software, a key delivery feature, is able to update the time stamps of when specific tasks are completed.

This is helpful to add to the delivery documents. Knowing exactly what time a driver passed through which location can prove to a customer that there was an attempt to make the delivery at the arranged time.

This could be very helpful during an attempted delivery or failed delivery.

Capture additional delivery information

You might want to include additional information upon completion of installed technical appliances or furniture.

This is especially important for the secure handling of legal and financial documents, ensuring they are delivered correctly and securely.

In case an unsatisfied customer calls to complain about a malfunction and wants to return a product, it would be easier to prove that it was installed correctly.

When bulk orders are made, you might want a set of questions to be filled out to ensure drivers store the items correctly and in a safe place.

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