Asset & Device GPS Tracking

View, monitor, and track your company’s most valuable assets 24/7.

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Know where any asset is located and every place they visit

Track your assets using a powerful GPS tracking device that records the exact location of your assets throughout their day-to-day use.

Even with hundreds of assets, you can have complete control over how your assets are being used with an accurate tracking system for your entire fleet.

Take control of your assets in 2 simple ways:

1. Download the app to track any driver with an iPhone or Android device


2. Install a GPS tracking device to monitor your assets in realtime

Improve the performance of your fleet

Locate2u lets you keep track of every driver in your fleet. Install the app on any iPhone or Android device at your business to see how drivers are performing throughout the day.

  • Watch in realtime where your driver is located
  • Review the historical data of every assets’ location
  • See how fast a driver was going throughout their route
  • Check the street view of an area your asset has been

View, monitor, and track in realtime the location of every asset within your fleet.

GPS tracking device

Install a quality GPS tracking device into any asset to get reliable data on live location, speed, and driving history. Locate2u gives you access to critical data to meet your business needs while monitoring your assets in real-time.


All you have to do is locate the onboard diagnostic (OBD) and plug it in

No Battery Needed

GPS tracker plugs into your vehicle’s OBD and draws power directly from the port

Lifetime Warranty

All GPS trackers are guaranteed to be free of any manufacturing defects for the lifetime of your subscription

Asset tracking when you need it

Whether you’re at the office or on-the-go Locate2u’s mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices, puts you in complete control of your assets anywhere, anytime.

Protect your assets

Locate2u makes it easy to track your assets and review the historical data that is collected throughout the day. Use your data to understand how your assets are being used and make swift decisions to improve business operations.

Device Included

We provide a GPS device which can be installed into your vehicle as part of our premium monthly subscription

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