Realtime Tracking

You can share your trip status and live location with your customers, using a single link, to let them know where you are and when you’re going to arrive.

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Let anyone know your live location

Realtime tracking plays a vital role in improving customer experience with better response time and increased productivity. With Locate2u, your business can meet customer expectations and booking requirements with up-to-date driver locations and accurate ETAs.

Share your journey with a single link

No matter where you or your driver is located, you can give anyone your live location with an easy-to-share link in seconds. Before you share your link, you can choose how long your link is active and add a short message to your customer.

Give your customers peace of mind

Let customers know when a driver is on their way, which route they are taking, and what time they will arrive. Use Locate2u to send a tracking link to every customer so they can plan their day and rely on your business.

Whether your driver is running on or behind schedule, Locate2u can help provide the best route to any location

Improve your fleet's Performance

If you’re operating a fleet of drivers, stop worrying about when they will arrive or what they’re doing. Locate2u lets you monitor your drivers in realtime to help you improve operational efficiency and guarantee arrival times.

In addition to realtime tracking, you can also review the exact speed at any location to ensure every driver is following traffic rules and regulations.

Easy Sharing

Send a tracking link to your customers with a single touch to see your live location

Reliable ETAs

Every route is calculated based on anticipated stop time, current location, and traffic conditions

Accurate Locations

GPS tracking provides realtime tracking with live updates of your location


Live Updates

Let your customers know exactly where you are at any point throughout your journey

Custom Branding

Upload your company’s logo so that your tracking link is branded to your business when sharing your live location

Expiry Limit

Determine how long your live location is active

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