Proof of Delivery

Are you looking for an easier way to capture a clients confirmation of a completed booking or delivery? Let your drivers capture an e-signatures and photo proof directly from an iPhone or Android device.

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Make your deliveries faster and more efficient

If you want every booking to be on time and in the right place, Locate2u is the app to use. With location tracking, live-map sharing, and proof of delivery capabilities, you have a centralised system to manage your business anytime, anywhere.

Locate2u can be used on mobile and desktop to help you manage last-minute changes to bookings or re-route the nearest driver for an urgent request. Start sending drivers to your customers with an app that shows the fastest route for multiple locations.

Capture an electronic signature and photo proof

Go paperless and keep track of all bookings with a digital record. Locate2u lets your drivers capture electronic signatures and take photo proof to keep your customers happy.

With an iPhone or Android device, your drivers have proof of delivery to satisfy your customers and confirm when a booking was completed.

Improve customer satisfaction

If your customers want proof of delivery, you can use Locate2u to easily stay connected with your driver’s recorded details and check customer accounts. Prevent booking-related delays and location errors with software that enhances your customer experience. 

Digital Signature, Less Paperwork

Keep a record of every successful delivery with an e-signature and photos to reduce delivery errors and customer complaints

Capture a photo

Capture a photo on completion of a booking so you and your team have proof on how the booking was completed.

Not in the delivery business?

Locate2u can be used for more than just dropping off parcels and capturing proof of delivery. If your business needs a way to capture proof of job completion, give your team working in the field a better way to complete on-site projects and get sign-offs from customers.

Learn how your business can benefit from Locate2u:

Appliance Repair Cleaners Electricians
Handyman Locksmith Pest Control
Plumbers Removalist Rubbish Removal

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