How to Plan your Routes for the day?

Sanjeev Arya Updated on March 23, 2020

Video showing how to Add Stops and design your route for the day


Step by Step Instructions:

    1. Login to your account on the Locate2u Mobile App
    2. From the home screen click Add a Stop


    1. Start typing a few letters of the address and you are offered the address by Google Maps
    2. Select the address for which you wish to add the stop for


Next you can update the following:

    1. Add Contact Details
    2. Choose the Date & Time for the stop and how long you will stop for
    3. Choose to send the tracking link to the customer
    4. You are then offered to share the details via various sharing apps that may be installed on your device.


Edit Stops
    1. All your stops are visible from the Home Screen -> List tab
    2. To edit any drop details simply click on the stop from the list page and make your changes


From the Home screen Maps tab you can see your route details as per the stops you entered.


Share your Location

To share your location data with your customers

    1. click the blue button at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Enter the custom message you wish to send to the customer.
    3. You can also set for how long you wish to share your location data with them.


View / Stop Location Sharing
    1. From the home screen you can view the count of the location data points shared with your customers
    2. Click on the number icon and view its details
    3. From this screen you can also choose to Stop All Sharing



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