Some common reasons of inaccurate location

Jiro de Armas
Jiro de Armas Updated on December 27, 2019

Some common reasons of inaccurate location

For Locate2u app to work correctly it always needs location access and location services running in the background.
This helps with correct stop and route plotting.

Some common scenarios where the location data is not plotted correctly are:

  1. Location Sharing / GPS is turned off on your device.
  2. Your phone is in Airplane mode.
  3. The phone is turned off or battery level is below 20%. Android devices may automatically enter your into power saving mode to consume less battery in such circumstances which may disable GPS and hence location sharing and accuracy.
  4. Your mobile data is very limited or has completely exhausted.
  5. The phone is in a dark spot or an area very there is very less signal, say 2 or less bars.
  6. You are logged into multiple devices using the same id.
  7. Some CDMA carriers do not support data usage while on a phone call and hence your location data is not updated to as per your movement.
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