How Your Business Can Solve The Last Mile Delivery Problem

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Last mile delivery, also known as last mile logistics, is the final step of the delivery process where packages that reside in warehouses are delivered directly to a customer’s door. It’s considered the most important stage of the process given it’s time-sensitive nature. 

There’s a lot on the line and if customers don’t receive their package at the designated time, possibly leading to a loss of repeat customers, having to give refunds, poor word of mouth and negative reviews impacting future customers. It’s also the most expensive part of the delivery process because of excessive idling and multiple stops. 

Last mile delivery is a problem that all businesses struggle with. It is a challenge that can be difficult to overcome without the proper tools.

last mile delivery problem

The Last Mile Delivery Problem 

Last mile delivery is the most expensive part of the delivery process because of possible failed deliveries, refunds, more idling in cities etc. Making more stops makes it harder to find the most efficient route as manually planning is a long and stressful process as fast as possible. Because Last Mile Delivery totals more than half of shipping costs, not finding ways to combat this challenge will only accelerate your expenses and consume most of your business’ profits. 

Also, customers will be less likely to use your services if they experience significant delays, receive their order in a damaged state or even have a parcel missing. The increasing consumer demands for faster deliveries means customers are less forgiving when they don’t receive their goods at the allocated time. 

The last mile delivery challenge is something all businesses must deal with, however, there are solutions which can save you money and increase your drivers productivity throughout the final delivery stage. 

How Route Optimisation Can Help 

There are many ways to solve the last mile delivery problem for your business, the most important being route optimisation. 

Planning the most efficient routes can be a difficult, time-consuming and stressful task for businesses. By using route optimisation software, you can have dozens of stops planned in just a few minutes instead of a few hours. Optimising your routes means drivers will spend less time on the road, reducing fuel costs. It also saves time so more deliveries can be completed, increasing your business’ productivity. 

locate2u delivery software

How Locate2u Can Help

Locate2u is a route optimisation software that can save your business time and money. Locate2u’s route optimisation software automates your route planning so that all deliveries are completed in an order that best suits your business requirements. More efficient routes means your drivers will spend less time on the road and in traffic, reducing excessive labour costs and overtime, as well as the overconsumption of fuel. It can also pop in last minute deliveries without major disruptions to your schedule, meaning your team can complete as many bookings as possible.

Whether you need certain deliveries completed at certain times, or you operate vehicles that only fit a specific amount of stock, Locate2u is perfect for the job. You can also have access to real-time tracking which allows you to see the location of your drivers in real-time, having peace of mind that they are being as productive as possible. When it comes to last mile delivery, Locate2u has you covered.

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