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What is route optimization and how does it work?

Who has time to schedule the most effective routes for their delivery workers week after week? If only there were a way to automate the delivery process so you could focus more of your time on other business activities. That…

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A look at 2022

As the year comes to an end we want to thank you for your ongoing support.  It’s certainly been a big year for Locate2u. There have been over 500 software updates released, including geofencing, automated email alerts, and the ability…

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Strategies to improve delivery efficiency

If you’re a business owner then you’ll know the struggle in managing delivery orders and ensuring your operations are running as smooth as possible. There are several strategies to improve delivery efficiency. These include order priority, route optimization, driver performance…

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How to start a delivery business

So you want to know how to start a delivery business. We’ve come up with a few strategies that might just help. Now we’re not saying that these are ALL the steps required to start a delivery business but it…

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How to prepare your delivery business for the New Year

With 2023 just around the corner, you’re probably wondering how to prepare your delivery business for the New Year. There are so many ways in which you can transform your business such as offering more delivery options, trying new marketing…

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Strategies to expand your courier service business

Have you ever wondered about the strategies to expand your courier service business? Today, courier services have become essential for businesses within the medical, financial, or government sectors, to ship their goods from one place to another. Some of the…

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Route optimization for beverage deliveries

There are many reasons as to why businesses require route optimization for beverage deliveries. The most important being that we are living in a world where a pandemic is still lingering about, making contactless deliveries crucial. Keeping up with consumer…

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What is electronic proof of delivery?

So, what is electronic proof of delivery? We’ll get into that in just a moment. Securing proof of delivery (POD) is key in avoiding delivery errors, fraudulent claims and missing or misplaced goods. Paper POD has required the recipient’s signature…

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How do I manage my delivery business?

Attention delivery business owners! If you’re struggling to keep your operations under control and wondering exactly ‘how do I manage my delivery business?’ This article can help! We’ll be going through the relevance of delivery management, as well as the…

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What is proof of delivery?

To start with… Knowing what is proof of delivery is only half the story! Proof of delivery is a critical part of the logistics industry by confirming the completion of a delivery. With the growth of contactless deliveries, POD is…

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How do I choose a delivery management software?

Do you run a delivery operation and are wondering ‘how do I choose a delivery management software?’ There are several factors that need to be taken into account before selecting a solution. You need to consider the requirements of your…

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Difference between static and dynamic route planning

Knowing the difference between static and dynamic route planning is key to getting the most out of your delivery drivers. But what should you go with? Static or dynamic? What are the pros and cons of dynamic and static routing,…

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Why do businesses need delivery management software?

Why do businesses need delivery management software? Managing a delivery business and ensuring all operations are running seamlessly is not an easy task. Customers want their orders yesterday! Making it difficult for businesses to keep up with the growing demand…

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Why is proof of delivery important?

In a world where contactless delivery has dominated the delivery industry, proof of delivery is the best way to assure customers their order has arrived safely. But why is proof of delivery important? Also, how can your supply chain benefit…

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Why is delivery management important?

Why is delivery management important, you say?  Running a delivery business comes with a truckload of responsibilities. Managing bookings, planning routes and knowing each order has been successfully completed are just a few of the many factors that make managing…

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How to deal with difficult customers

Having excellent customer service skills is essential if your position requires customer interaction. These skills come in especially handy when learning how to deal with difficult customers. A difficult customer can be categorized as either angry, impatient, indecisive, demanding or…

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What Is Threshold Delivery?

If you’re wondering exactly ‘what is threshold delivery?’ you’ve probably experienced it without evening knowing! This article will break down exactly what this delivery option is, what it might cost and how it compares with other delivery services. Such insight…

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Advanced booking management for cleaning services

Managing jobs can be especially difficult and time consuming, which is why advanced booking management for cleaning services is the ultimate solution. Automating your entire process is a step in the right direction towards increasing your business’ efficiency, meeting customer…

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Improve linehaul deliveries through route optimization

Moving heavy freight and goods is a complex process which can have many unwanted problems. Knowing how to improve linehaul deliveries through route optimization is a great way to provide a smoother experience for your business and customers. With large volumes…

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Enhance retail deliveries through driver ratings

Customer reviews can make or break a business in any industry which is why it’s essential to enhance retail deliveries through driver ratings. Modern digital platforms in 2022 allow consumer insight to play a significant role in the reputation of…

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Route optimization and its many benefits

The continual evolution of technology has seen softwares being developed for delivery and service organizations to boost efficiency. Route optimization and its many benefits is becoming the favored method for successful deliveries. Learn more about how this dynamic software can…

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Fleet Vehicle GPS tracking. How does it work?

Fleet vehicle GPS tracking is one of the best ways you can manage your fleet and take your business to the next level. There are several benefits to integrating fleet tracking software into your system, all of which work to…

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What does a fleet manager do?

Fleet managers, also referred to as transportation managers, are logistics specialists that play an essential role in the transportation industry. In order to become a successful fleet manager, there are several requirements such as skills, experience and knowledge to come…

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How to reduce fleet maintenance costs

Fleet capital and repair costs are extremely expensive to your operation which is why it’s necessary to find ways to reduce fleet maintenance costs. Given what the world looks like today, it seems everything is only getting more expensive.  The…

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Why is fleet management important?

If you’re a fleet manager struggling to keep up with your fleet then having a reliable management system is the solution for you.  But what exactly is fleet management and why is it important for businesses? This article will not…

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How do I choose a fleet management software?

If you’re a fleet manager or business owner wanting to improve your fleet and take your business to the next level then a fleet management software is the perfect solution.  A reliable fleet management tool gives users access to information…

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Benefits of fleet management software

Whether you’re operating a fleet of 5 or 500 vehicles, it’s no easy task. There are so many factors to take into consideration in order to maintain efficiency and ensure things run smoothly.  Fleet managers can find solace in fleet…

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What makes a good fleet management system

A good fleet management system is solution-driven and flexible to solve any issues within your fleet. If you’re managing your own fleet of 5 or 500 vehicles then a robust fleet management tool can take the load off and keep…

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What influences fleet management software costs?

Fleet management software allows you to assess what impacts costs such as fuel consumption and how you can reduce them. A fleet management system also helps businesses keep up with driver safety and regulatory compliance.  But how much are you…

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Profitable business ideas to start this Diwali

Diwali is the festival of light, celebrated by millions of people across the globe. People light candles, lamps, and diva lamps for everyone in their house. It symbolises the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. People do…

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How Geofencing Improves Last Mile Delivery

Delivery businesses can all agree that last mile delivery is the most difficult part of the delivery process. It’s expensive and full of inefficiencies. But don’t let that deter you. Geofencing is a solution that can help! This article will…

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How To Train Your Staff In Cyber Security

In late September one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies [Optus] suffered a severe security breach that has seen nearly 10 million users have their personal information leaked, and exposed to potentially harmful entities. The Optus hack has been attributed to…

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Learn How ViralBrainz Tracked Their Field Employees

About the Company Misa Viralbrainz Private Limited is a digital marketing agency that has become one of the leading marketing agencies in the region. It offers services like creating brand identity, marketing communications, market analytics, business optimization and lead generation…

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What Is Route Optimisation Software? 

If you find yourself spending hours each week planning routes for your drivers then you should definitely take a look at this article.  You can revolutionise the delivery process by implementing a reliable route optimisation solution within your system. This…

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What is GPS tracking and how does it work?

GPS technology has evolved significantly over the years, giving companies and individuals the ability to monitor vehicles and assets to solve safety, compliance and efficiency problems. But what is GPS tracking and how does it work? This article will give…

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The types of vehicle GPS trackers

Tracking your fleet is crucial to ensuring that deliveries are being completed successfully and your drivers are exactly where they need to be. That way you can keep your customers updated throughout the process, building trust in hopes for repeat…

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What are the benefits of GPS Tracking?

What is GPS tracking? GPS tracking is the monitoring of a geographical location via Global Positioning System to track an object (vehicle, person, equipment etc.). GPS tracking devices are positioned alongside a GPS receiver and are able to transmit or…

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Selecting the right technology partner for 3PL businesses

Delivering your product into your customers’ hands involves many steps. Storage, order fulfillment, packaging, shipping, and much more are all included. Managing all these things can get complicated. That’s why e-commerce businesses and retailers sometimes outsource these operations to a…

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What Is Last Mile Delivery?

 Last mile delivery is the most challenging part of the overall delivery operation where failed deliveries are more likely to occur.  Failed deliveries can have a negative impact on your customers and business. One negative online review can deter several…

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What Is Route Optimisation?

Who has time to spend hours each week planning the most efficient routes for their delivery drivers? If only there was a solution to automate the delivery experience so you can spend more time on other business operations. Route optimisation…

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Delivery Automation in Pharmaceutical Distribution

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is on a massive growth path, with $1.3 trillion in revenue annually. However, not everyone is aware of how distribution works. In this case, pharmaceutical distributors act as middlemen that ship product from manufacturers to pharmacies…

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Everyday Challenges Faced In Supply Chains

Supply chains face exceptional disruption due to increased difficulty from globalization and cross-border restrictions. There is a need for faster response times to customer feedback and increased focus on environmental sustainability. These challenges have resulted in companies seeking to improve…

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What Is Fleet Management & Why Is It Important?

If you manage a small or large fleet then you would know how difficult and time consuming it can be to ensure all operations are running smoothly. This article will help give you insight as to how fleet management software operates…

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What is GPS tracking?

Knowing the whereabouts of your team and vehicles throughout the day can help reassure you that jobs are being completed successfully and on time. GPS tracking is used to track the live location of your assets and vehicles. This is exceedingly…

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Complete guide to Inbound Logistics & Outbound Logistics

The prosperity of a business is heavily reliant on having an effective inbound and outbound logistics strategy.  Inbound & outbound logistics operations influence manufacturing, profitability and customer satisfaction.  Here is a complete guide as to what inbound and outbound logistics…

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What Is Inventory Planning?

If you’re wondering what makes a successful business, then strategic inventory management planning must be mentioned! Inventory is a business’ largest resource and without the proper planning can result in several consequences. These range from increased inventory costs, disrupted production…

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What Is Reverse Logistics?

The endgame of logistics is bringing a product to the customer on time. However, throughout the years this industry worldwide has seen an increase in product returns, recovery and exchanges.  A majority of people believe reverse logistics involves only handling…

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The Importance Of Effective Warehouse Management

A business that sells products will more than likely have a warehouse to store them. Having an effective warehouse management system (WMS) means packages are processed and shipped faster, items are better stored, managing inventory and warehouse space is made…

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What Is Order Fulfilment?

A successful order fulfilment strategy goes hand in hand with a successful business. Delivering on time and giving your customers the best experience possible is a great way to grow your brand.  But what exactly is order fulfilment and the…

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Measuring In KPI Logistics 

The success of your business is partially dependent on logistics metrics that assess performance. This is why it’s crucial to handle your key performance indicators (KPIs), which are metrics used to measure the successes and failures of your supply chain. …

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How Does Prescription Delivery Work? 

Prior to the pandemic, employing prescription delivery services was a notoriously difficult task. This can be attributed to the cost of transportation and identity verification difficulties.  As technology has evolved and consumer demands increased, getting your prescription delivered to your…

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Demand Forecasting For Delivery Businesses 

Anticipating consumer trends and demands are crucial for owners and managers to deal with changes in demands and the economy, competition within your industry, seasons and so much more.  Demand forecasting is where it’s at! If you’ve never heard of…

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Supply Chain Optimisation: A Guide 

Supply chains can be extremely complex to manage, especially when various suppliers and goods are included.  Having a supply chain optimisation solution can help enhance your operation’s efficiency, reduce costs by conserving resources, increase transparency and reduce stress for supply…

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What Is Same-Day Delivery & How Does It Work? 

The presence of technological advancements, and (no surprise) COVID-19 has seen the transportation and logistics industry completely change their methods.  Customer expectations purchasing from e-commerce retailers have transformed from being happy waiting a week, to wanting their package delivered the…

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Curbside Delivery – A Win-Win for Shoppers and Retailers

If you’re not familiar with curbside delivery, it is when a company brings your purchase right to your car. No more waiting in line or carrying heavy bags. Thanks to innovations like “Click and Collect” from retailers and supermarkets, curbside…

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6 On Time Delivery Solutions You Can Implement Today

Tracking the timing of your delivery arrivals is a key metric in the world of logistics. Delivery timeframes measures not just the performance of your delivery executives, but also the efficiency of your supply chain.   On time delivery is…

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Attempted Delivery: What Does It Mean & What Happens Next?

Missing the delivery on the first time not only impacts customer satisfaction, but it will also send affects the other way, incurring further costs on your business in redelivery attempts. Failed deliveries will cost you money and future business. For…

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Your Guide to Dispatch Truck Software

Trucking remains Australia’s most frequently used system of freight, transporting billions of dollars’ worth of goods every year. Trucking is still on the rise in Australia, and companies are matching their rise with more efficiency in their operation. Software is…

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What Is Long Haul Transportation?

Long haul transportation is the keystone of today’s modern transport system. Generally, long haul refers to movements of goods or freight over distances above 400km and is often done via truck. According to the latest statistics, metropolitan freight movement in…

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What Is Line Haul Transportation?

Line haul transportation refers to the shipment of goods between logistics hubs. There is no set definition as to how the products have to move, whether it’s by sea, land, or air, it is simply the efficient movement of goods….

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What Does Last Mile Carrier Mean?

The Last Mile Carrier is the delivery executive tasked with handling the final stage of delivery when the product reaches the customer. The days of waiting two to three days for delivery have gone, and now customers are willing to…

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4 Ways Locate2u Can Help Your Business

It can be a difficult, time-consuming process to schedule deliveries for your entire fleet every day. Organising routes isn’t always easy, and it can be hard to give each driver a route that is efficient and productive, while also making…

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What Does White Glove Delivery Mean?

Over the last couple years delivery has evolved from just clothes, consumer goods and groceries, to include more premium items like household appliances, furniture and even jewellery. This has opened the door for white glove delivery to cement their niche…

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How To Reduce Fuel Costs

It’s no secret that in today’s climate, fuel prices have skyrocketed to an unprecedented level. Drivers across the globe are dreading the moment they must refill their vehicle. This has been especially harsh on delivery businesses that are trying to…

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How To Get More From Your Team On The Road

Leading your own team can be a tricky task, especially if you’re in the delivery industry. There are so many things to consider to get the most out of your driver’s on the road. Prioritising and optimising your bookings are…

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5 Ways To Increase Profits For Your Delivery Business 

It can often be difficult to lower your costs whilst raising your revenue, especially in the delivery industry. For businesses, especially smaller businesses, it’s essential to find ways to increase your profit margin.  You can achieve this by building a…

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Add More Bookings To Your Day!

Enhancing your business’ productivity can often seem like a daunting task. After all, managing your bookings and creating the most time-effective journey for your driver can be a nightmare! Not only do you have to take into account driver availability,…

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Package Delivery Apps: Your Guide To On Demand Delivery

The innovation of technology has made it possible for companies specialising in delivery to experience a smoother and more productive process. Like any other industry, delivery businesses encounter their own number of challenges. These can include a lack of visibility,…

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Routific VS Locate2u: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Finding a reliable Delivery Management Software for your business is a great way to make the delivery process easier. You can optimise your routes, track your vehicles and manage your bookings so you can keep on top of your business…

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What Does “Efficiency” Mean?

Everywhere you look there’s articles about “Improving fleet efficiency”, “How to be more fuel efficient”, “Making efficiency a priority”, “Complete more jobs more efficiently”. But what does efficiency actually mean? And what does that mean for your day-to-day work? Without…

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