Route Planner & Optimization for Deliveries

We make it easy to get things delivered or track your services. Use your own fleet or outsource deliveries to other couriers within a single app.

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Delivery Route Planner & Route Optimization

Track. Dispatch. Optimize the entire delivery experience.

Notify your customers when you’re arriving... Manage bookings, track your team, and optimize routes all in one place. Save time, cut costs, and enhance customer service with live tracking links for real-time ETAs. No more ETA calls, just efficient operations.

Dispatch to your own fleet or outsourced

Your Fleet

Outsourced Fleet


Effortlessly switch between your fleet and global carriers

Locate2u simplifies fleet management by connecting you with global carriers. Use your own fleet or outsource to ensure everything gets delivered.

Simplify Dispatch & Delivery Planning

Streamline your dispatch process. Feed daily bookings into our optimisation engine for the most efficient route. Say goodbye to manually allocating tasks to your team.

Fleet Management Software that puts you in control.

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