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Aramex deploys Dromatics cargo drones for global deliveries

Aramex deploys Dromatics cargo drones for global deliveries
Aramex deploys Dromatics cargo drones for global deliveries

The world’s first cargo drone airline Dromatics announced a partnership with Aramex. This will see cargo flights take place with Dromatics technology and Aramex’s fleet management expertise. Together the companies will explore drone delivery opportunities. 

The initiatives will be rolled out first for the United Arabn Emirates (UAE) followed by key markets such as Australia and South Africa. 

Cargo drone fleet 

In November 2022, Dromatics received a €2.5 million grant from the European Commission under the prestigious European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator program. The grant supports the development and roll-out of its cargo drone fleet. 

The inspiration for starting Dromatics came after two brothers Konstantin and Svilen Rangelov’s desire to find a faster and more cost-effective way of delivering cargo.  Dromatics is a leading developer and operator of large, long-range drones built specifically for cargo. Its operations encompass drone aircraft design, construction, operation, and the creation of Droneports. 

In May 2023, the company completed the first flight of its flagship aircraft, Black Swan. It has a cargo capacity of 350kg with a range of 2,500 kilometers. This is equivalent to New York City to Austin, all of Europe, all the Caribbean, Hong Kong to Osaka, and Dubai to New Delhi. Black Swan is remotely piloted, suitable for long-range cargo delivery. 

Global trade and cargo mobility

The partnership is revolutionizing the world of cargo delivery, particularly in terms of improving global trade and quality of life. Faster deliveries mean businesses move products more rapidly across regions, speeding up the entire supply chain process. 

In addition, using drones for cargo transportation can also be cheaper than relying on trucks and planes. This translates to lower costs for goods, which benefits both consumers and businesses. 

The drones can also land in smaller spaces, meaning goods can be delivered to underserved areas where access to airports and road networks might be restricted. This is also a way the partnership could improve lives – such as  delivering medicine or emergency supplies where it is needed most. 

By integrating underserved and remote areas into global trade networks, businesses have the opportunity to access a much broader market. Drones also have a lower carbon footprint, making it ideal in contributing to eco-friendliness and a healthier environment.

Comprehensive cargo mobility solution

While the technological aspect of the partnership is fascinating, this venture is about more than just drones and faster deliveries – it’s a complete cargo mobility solution. 

Consider the Black Swan drone for example. It carries the same capacity as a small delivery van. With its range of 2,500km , it can travel roughly the distance from New York City to Austin, or from Los Angeles to Chicago. 

And finally, the network of droneports is beneficial to the operation of the Black Swan drone in several ways. These ports are strategically located so the drone can safely land and take off. There are also systems in place to ensure cargo is loaded and unloaded more efficiently. 

Same-day deliveries 

Dromatics’ technology will allow Aramex to have same-day, middle-mile, and long-distance deliveries. Aramex’s COO for express management Alaa Saoudi welcomes the project. “This aligns well with our continuing efforts towards harnessing innovation for enhanced operational efficiency, providing an exceptional customer experience, and minimizing our carbon footprint across the UAE and our global operations,” he says. 

While Dromatics’ CEO Svilen Rangelov says that the collaboration with Aramex will bring forward benefits of rapid, cost-effective same-day delivery to the global stage. 

Choosing drones for delivery 

There are several reasons drones are being used to deliver packages/cargo. The standout has to be speed of delivery. Drones fly above ground and are not restricted by traffic. Another factor is deliveries will not be hampered by the issue of labor shortages, and they may be in flight during a lunch hour, where a person has to take breaks – the drone does not. 

Drones are cost effective. Imagine a courier fleet’s fuel bill at the end of each month. The drone does not travel on roads, so there is less wear and tear on the drone as opposed to a vehicle which may be stranded at a service center for a particular problem. Vehicle repairs can be costly. In addition, drones do not emit toxic fumes. 

Battling to access a remote area as a courier? Drones are able to travel above rough terrain, and provide an aerial route straight to the delivery point. 

The bigger picture

The partnership between Dronamics and Amarex is a significant leap. By integrating long-range drone technology, Aramex will enhance its service efficiency while also embracing a sustainable and innovative solution. 

While Dronamics leads the way in long-range drone capabilities, Aramex is taking the implementation of drones to a global scale. In supply chain management, the impact and the possibilities of this are endless. 

Moreover, it paves the way for underserved regions to be accessed with ease, and where remote areas seamlessly integrate into global networks. 

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