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Technology: Canadian government boosts port digitization

Technology: Canadian government boosts port digitization
Technology: Canadian government boosts port digitization

Technology is transforming the shipping and logistics industries. Companies are embracing digital innovation to make their operations more efficient. Now, the Canadian government is stepping up its digitization game. 

Minister of transport, Pablo Rodriguez says the government will spend up to $51.2 million for 19 digital infrastructure projects through the National Trade Corridors Fund. These projects aim to use new technologies to strengthen supply chains, making goods move faster and cheaper, benefiting Canadians.

This funding shows the government’s collaboration with stakeholders nationwide to tackle transportation issues at Canada’s ports. By investing in our supply chains, the government is promoting sustained growth and helping businesses succeed both locally and globally.

Why does port digitization matter? Port digitization is crucial because it enhances efficiency, reduces congestion, and lowers costs by integrating advanced technologies like automation, real-time data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). This leads to faster cargo handling, improved supply chain visibility, and better resource management, ultimately boosting trade competitiveness and economic growth.

Supply chain reliability 

The investment made by the Canadian government will go towards various projects, these include: 

Vancouver fraser port authority – Vancouver gateway optimization and forecasting 

This project will boost capacity, efficiency, and reliability in supply chains. It will allow better information sharing among stakeholders and improve transportation planning for future upgrades. The initiative will support economic growth now and in the future, keeping Canada’s supply chains competitive while reducing the impact of trade on local communities and the environment.

PSA Halifax – container terminals digitization project

The project aims to create technology and software to make container operations at the Port of Halifax more efficient. It will improve data sharing and port operations using modern systems and tools. This will reduce congestion, increase reliability, enhance security, and improve cyber resilience by updating old systems.

Port of Montreal – port community system platform

The project will enhance the port’s logistics system by enabling real-time connectivity among all stakeholders for better collaboration. Secure sharing of operational data will improve transparency and decision-making. This initiative aims to boost the productivity of the entire supply chain and increase the competitiveness of all involved.

Supply chain resilience 

The port of Halifax is known for its strategic location and deepwater facilities, Halifax handles a wide range of cargo, including containers, automobiles, and project cargo. It is a key port for both domestic and international trade.

Minister Rodriguez says, “This technological [digitization] innovation will help make supply chains faster and more resilient. With these investments, we’re ensuring crucial knowledge and information can be shared and acted on for the benefit of Canadian consumers, workers, and businesses.”Locate2u recently reported on shipping company Hapag-Lloyd turning up the temperature as far as digitization goes. The company introduced “Live Position,” a dry container tracking solution for logistics. This new offering gives customers unprecedented visibility, tracking their shipments from the point of departure to the final destination.  

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