Getting Started with Locate2u Mobile App

Jiro de Armas
Jiro de Armas Updated on December 8, 2019

Getting Started with Locate2u Mobile App

Locate2u connects service companies and drivers with their customers. As a worker you plot your daily stops on the map and share your route with your customers. Your customers always know where you are and when can they expect their deliveries. All this using just your mobile phone!

Download iPhone App here:
Download iPhone App here:

App Walk-through

Upon launching the app you are greeted with the app walk-through


Grant Location Permission

Next the app needs certain permission to function correctly.
IOS devices with the latest iOS 13 require a special setup which is described here: [Link for iOS settings]


Sign up / Login

Next you are asked to Sign Up / Login to your account.
Sign up if you not already have and then login to your account


Home Screen

The home screen shows your current and live location.
From the home screen you can:

    1. Modify your Settings & Profile
    2. Add New Stops your current route
    3. View a list of all your drops for the day, view active jobs and filter by day.
    4. Share your location data with someone


Main Menu

The main menu allows you to:

    1. Update your Status and View your routes
    2. Edit your profile
    3. Edit your app settings
    4. Contact our Support team


Profile Page

From your profile page you can:

    1. Update your profile photo
    2. Update your company logo
    3. Choose your Vehicle Type
    4. Also update your basic Account information


App Settings Page

From the Settings page you can:

    1. From General Tab : Edit your Duration & Start/End location settings
    2. From the SMS Tab: Edit the default message sent to your recipients.

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