5 Benefits Of Route Optimisation

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The benefits of route optimisation are unmatched! Route optimisation involves the calculation of the most cost-efficient route for your drivers.

This software takes into account all relevant factors, such as the number and location of all the required stops, time windows for deliveries, and matching the route to the unique needs of the vehicle and the cargo.

When it comes to fleet management, route optimisation strategies are what distinguishes the best in the transportation industry from the rest. Prior to this technology route optimisation was done manually, a stressful process that took hours to schedule multiple trips with the presence of human error. 

The Benefits Of Route Optimisation

route optimisation benifits

1. Improved ETA’s

Route optimisation improves the accuracy and consistency of ETA’s leading to greater customer satisfaction and saving time and money. Optimising your routes allows you to plan dozens of routes in minutes instead of hours, allowing you to focus on other objectives that increase your business’ efficiency.  

Customers can even track the route in real-time and confirm delivery times with complete precision, eliminating undue stress.

2. Faster Delivery Times

Faster delivery times benefit everyone in the supply chain. Regardless of your industry, time is money. Route optimisation ensures that delivery times are as quick as possible by choosing the best possible route for your vehicle. 

Route changes are easy to accommodate and can be communicated to your teams instantly, keeping your fleet moving at optimum speed.

3. Better Customer Service

Route optimisation software is guaranteed to improve customer service. Reliable, dependable service makes your customers happy and tends to lead to referrals and repeat customers. Route optimisation leads to quicker delivery time, more secure cargo, and maximises overall efficiency. 

Customers receive a live tracking link via SMS that is available to view on any web browser, even a mobile phone. This means they have more control over their experience and can have complete confidence in the service they’re receiving. 

Route optimisation also lessens the frequency and the impact of human error. Less paperwork means less opportunity for mistakes. Fewer mistakes also make the customer experience enjoyable and increase the likelihood that they continue to have confidence in your services.

4. Reduce Fuel Costs

Route optimisation reduces fuel costs in several ways. Last-minute orders and route modifications are easy to accommodate with no extra fuel spent on making changes. Route changes may become necessary due to unforeseen circumstances including weather events, detours, or changes in customer requirements. Route optimisation makes route changes easy to communicate instantly to drivers and to customers. Route optimisation also results in less time idling which reduces carbon emissions and saves on fuel costs.

5. Increased Visibility

Knowing where your team is throughout the day gives you peace of mind that they are on the job and working productively. Having such visibility also improves the communication you have between you, your team and your customers. This allows you to anticipate any issues or delays so you can inform your customer rather than having to wait for updates. 

Having increased visibility also allows you to see that your team members are where they need to be and aren’t using company vehicles for personal use. Additionally, you can see where most of your money is being spent on things such as fuel so you can budget better and minimise any unnecessary future costs. 

Locate2u - Retail

How Locate2u’s Route Optimisation Services Can Help Your Business!

Locate2u’s route optimisation software is an all-in-one platform that is user-friendly on both ends. This software reduces the number of hours spent planning routes and organising bookings, saving you time, money, and stress.

Knowing where your drivers, vehicles, and cargo are at all times provides unparalleled security that improves efficiency and productivity. Customers feel completely secure about their schedules because they know they can track the progress of your transit in real-time and at their convenience.

Locate2u’s cutting-edge technology offers a fully dynamic, real-time response to the challenges of transportation, logistics, and fleet management. The benefits of route optimisation includes creating the most efficient routes for your drivers, taking into consideration the capacity of the vehicle, the distance between stops, and availability of drivers. 

Click here to see how Locate2u’s route optimisation software can benefit your business.

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