Last Mile Delivery

Streamlining Order Management: Shopify Integration with Locate2u

This article was written by our Full Stack Developer, Marjorie Lim. So I’m one of the developers who actually started working on the Locate2u project in 2019. My specialty is mostly on the front-end side, making sure that the product is actually user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and the design is minimalist and modern at the same time. […]

Top 10 Last-Mile Delivery Metrics to Monitor in 2023

Delivering products swiftly and efficiently to the customer’s doorstep has become a critical aspect of the logistics industry. As businesses strive to meet the growing demands of e-commerce and online shopping, optimizing the last mile delivery process has become a key priority. To achieve this, monitoring and analyzing the right metrics is essential. In this […]

The Benefits of Using Technology for Local Deliveries

The demand for quick and dependable delivery services has never been higher because to the expansion of e-commerce and online shopping. Customers expect their packages to arrive quickly and on-time, which puts pressure on businesses to optimize their delivery systems. Fortunately, emerging technologies and advanced systems are making it easier than ever to deliver packages […]

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Sustainability in Last Mile Delivery

An effective way to combat climate change is to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint. The expansion of e-commerce and online shopping in recent years has elevated last-mile delivery to a key position in the supply chain. A rise in online shopping and home delivery, the usage of conventional delivery techniques, and emissions from […]

Engaging Your Customers During The Last Mile

Engaging your customers during the last mile has never been more important, especially with e-commerce delivery becoming a vital aspect of the supply chain process. While many businesses focus on the logistical challenges of getting products to their customers, customer engagement during the last mile of delivery is equally important. The last mile delivery process […]

How to Implement a Successful Last Mile Delivery Strategy

If you’re wondering how to implement a successful last mile delivery strategy then you’re in the right place! In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect speedy and reliable delivery options. Same-day delivery has become increasingly popular, as it offers customers the convenience of receiving their orders on the same day they place them. However, providing same-day […]

MilkRun Closure! Doors to close on Friday

The ultra-rapid delivery service MilkRun, based in Australia, has announced its closure after raising one of the largest early-stage rounds in the history of the nation’s venture capital industry. The company would suspend operations by the end of the week, according to an email from founder Dany Milham, who cited deteriorating economic conditions as the […]

Innovative Last Mile Delivery Strategies for Small Businesses

Innovative last mile delivery strategies for small businesses are key to surviving in the cutthroat e-commerce sector. The term “last mile delivery” describes the movement of goods from a warehouse or transportation hub to their final location, which is frequently the doorstep of the client or a business.  Last-mile transport is more challenging for small […]

The recent popularization of frozen food delivery 

Dining out isn’t cheap and with inflation rates rising globally, enjoying a meal at home is becoming the more feasible (and comfy) option.   A leader in this movement, with a focus on improving the customer delivery experience is direct-to-consumer (D2C) frozen food delivery service Yelloh, formerly known as Schwan’s Home Delivery. Yelloh takes pride in […]

The Expansion of Same Day Delivery Services

It’s no secret that customers want their delivery to arrive as soon as possible, making it challenging for businesses to keep up with demand. This is why offering more delivery options, like same day delivery, is essential for keeping up with competitors and giving customers the flexibility to receive their item where and when they […]

Is Drone Delivery The Future?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s a delivery drone! Imagine being able to carry out millions of deliveries every year without even hitting the road. The parent company of Google, Alphabet, through its subsidiary Wing, is seeking to do just that by developing drone delivery network technology!  There are many challenges businesses face within […]

The benefits of route optimization for last-mile delivery

The benefits of route optimization for last-mile delivery are key in allowing businesses to maintain a competitive advantage and ensure their drivers are on the most efficient route possible. Logistics businesses utilize the route optimization to design the most affordable and efficient delivery routes. This article will examine the advantages of route optimization for last-mile […]

Strategies for Optimizing Last-Mile Delivery

The e-commerce industry has grown exponentially over the past several years as a result of consumers opting for an online shopping experience. In doing so, strategies for optimizing last-mile delivery has never been more important. The difficulty of the last-mile delivery, or the portion of the delivery procedure that takes place from the transportation hub to […]

The benefits of last mile delivery for businesses 

There are several benefits of last mile delivery for businesses, such as improved customer service and efficiency, increased sales and more! The last-mile delivery model has grown to be essential in the contemporary retail environment. Businesses that can provide effective and convenient last-mile delivery solutions are realizing major benefits as e-commerce and customer expectations for […]

Launch a 12 minute pizza delivery business

Written by CEO Steve Orenstein Imagine ordering a Pizza and having it delivered (piping hot) in 12 minutes. Muncho, a business that launched in 2021 in Philadelphia, is doing exactly this. So how is this even possible?! 🤯 What Muncho is doing is just the beginning of what I think will be happening in the […]

How Geofencing Improves Last Mile Delivery

Delivery businesses can all agree that last mile delivery is the most difficult part of the delivery process. It’s expensive and full of inefficiencies. But don’t let that deter you. Geofencing is a solution that can help! This article will give you insight into what geofencing is, as well as the ways in which it […]

What Is Last Mile Delivery?

 Last mile delivery is the most challenging part of the overall delivery operation where failed deliveries are more likely to occur.  Failed deliveries can have a negative impact on your customers and business. One negative online review can deter several potential customers. If you’re wanting to combat the expensive nature of this type of delivery […]

What Is Same-Day Delivery & How Does It Work? 

The presence of technological advancements, and (no surprise) COVID-19 has seen the transportation and logistics industry completely change their methods.  Customer expectations purchasing from e-commerce retailers have transformed from being happy waiting a week, to wanting their package delivered the same day.  The beautiful thing is that same day delivery can be achieved, with most […]

Attempted Delivery: What Does It Mean & What Happens Next?

Missing the delivery on the first time not only impacts customer satisfaction, but it will also send affects the other way, incurring further costs on your business in redelivery attempts. Failed deliveries will cost you money and future business. For any successful carrier, an attempted delivery should always turn into a successful one. For senders […]

What Does Last Mile Carrier Mean?

The Last Mile Carrier is the delivery executive tasked with handling the final stage of delivery when the product reaches the customer. The days of waiting two to three days for delivery have gone, and now customers are willing to spend the extra money for delivery if it can be performed on the same day […]

Contact Free Delivery: How Does It Work?

The relationship between businesses and their customers has been permanently altered as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 2019 and 2020, new methods of delivering vital goods became important as distancing measures remained in place. Contact free delivery has quickly become the socially acceptable method of receiving products to homes and offices. But […]

Delivery Window Meaning: Courier Terminology 101

As consumers continue to turn to online as their preferred method shopping, couriers and delivery drivers have never been in more demand. As such, 21st Century courier jargon has grown in complexity over the past few years. New terms have entered the consumer lexicon that is often confusing at first glance. What is the delivery […]

What Is First Mile And Last Mile Delivery

When it comes to deliveries, it’s not as simple as customers ordering goods and having them arrive magically at their doorstep. It involves processes known as first mile and last mile delivery. Both encounter challenges of their own such as costs, packaging, labelling and the ability to ship a product within the designated time frame.  […]

What Does Proof Of Delivery Mean?

In 2022, proof of delivery is crucial to the success of thousands of businesses across Australia and the globe. Playing an important role in secure delivery, delivery performance and ultimately, customer satisfaction, evidence of delivery has become necessary to avoid the unfortunate circumstances of unfounded claims or package theft. So, what is proof of delivery? […]

How Your Business Can Solve The Last Mile Delivery Problem

Last mile delivery, also known as last mile logistics, is the final step of the delivery process where packages that reside in warehouses are delivered directly to a customer’s door. It’s considered the most important stage of the process given it’s time-sensitive nature.  There’s a lot on the line and if customers don’t receive their […]

Last Mile Carrier Tracking: Why It’s Important

The presence of COVID-19 having altered the landscape of ecommerce and overall convenience of online shopping has seen a significant change in consumer behaviour. This has caused a significant increase in demand and delivery standards that can be often hard to meet. Customers are expecting their orders to be delivered faster, whilst having full visibility […]

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