Delivery Management

Empowering Your Delivery Business with Software Solutions

Empowering your delivery business with software solutions is crucial to growing your delivery business, whether you’re in the food delivery or restaurant industry etc. The importance of the delivery industry has increased in recent years as more people opt for online shopping and home delivery services. This trend has only been accelerated by COVID-19, making […]

Autonomous vehicles are taking over delivery

Autonomous vehicles are taking to the streets, which means big changes to the delivery industry. Not only could it be a safer and more cost-effective option, but also an efficient way of getting more items to customers within a short period of time.  Gatik, the global leader in autonomous middle mile logistics, has announced a […]

Overcoming common challenges in delivery management

Overcoming common challenges in delivery management is not an easy task. From inefficient planning, inaccurate delivery times and inadequate resources, there are several steps to making the delivery process more seamless and better for drivers and customers. Before getting into the solutions, let’s have a look at the challenges in delivery management that most businesses […]

Delivering On Time, Every Time: How Software Solutions Can Help

Delivering on time has become crucial to modern businesses as consumer expectations keep rising. Failing to deliver on time can significantly affect client satisfaction, company reputation, financial results, and employee morale. Due to ineffective delivery planning, imprecise delivery tracking, a lack of real-time visibility, and inadequate communication, many organizations struggle to guarantee on-time delivery. Thankfully, […]

Improving Customer Satisfaction through Delivery Management

Improving customer satisfaction through delivery management is a must for businesses wanting to enhance their overall revenue generation and brand reputation. In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of using delivery management software, enhancing delivery routes, utilizing real-time tracking, and enhancing customer interaction. Businesses can not only meet but also surpass consumer expectations and […]

How to make delivery management software work for your business

If you’ve wondered how to make delivery management software work for your business, then keep reading.  Managing a delivery business comes with a lot of challenges such as planning routes, handling bookings, and ensuring each delivery is completed successfully.  There must be a simpler method to balance all of these obligations and simplify delivery logistics. […]

5 Advantages of Automating Your Delivery Process with Delivery Management Software

What are the 5 advantages of automating your delivery process with delivery management software? Delivery management software is a necessary solution for businesses shipping goods to customers. Businesses are under more pressure than ever to improve customer service, increase efficiency, and speed shipping procedures as a result of the rising popularity of online shopping. Statistics […]

5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Delivery Management Software

Delivery management software can be a beneficial tool for businesses that depend on shipping products to customers. However, just like with any piece of software, how it is used will determine how effective it is. Here’s 5 tips for making the most out of delivery management software. Your shipping procedures may be streamlined, your productivity can […]

5 ways local delivery can benefit your business

Being a small business owner means you’re always looking for ways to innovate your business, as well as staying ahead of competitors. One method that small businesses have been turning to is local delivery. This article will go into the 5 ways local delivery can benefit your business. But first, let’s get into what local delivery […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Delivery Management Software

This article will act as the ultimate guide to choosing the right delivery management software for your delivery business. Having a trustworthy and effective delivery management system is essential in the fast-paced corporate climate of today. Businesses use delivery management software to track and manage their deliveries in real-time while automating dispatch and scheduling, optimizing […]

Strategies to improve delivery efficiency

If you’re a business owner then you’ll know the struggle in managing delivery orders and ensuring your operations are running as smooth as possible. There are several strategies to improve delivery efficiency. These include order priority, route optimization, driver performance tracking and electronic proof of delivery. All of which allow you to give customers the […]

What is electronic proof of delivery?

So, what is electronic proof of delivery? We’ll get into that in just a moment. Securing proof of delivery (POD) is key in avoiding delivery errors, fraudulent claims and missing or misplaced goods. Paper POD has required the recipient’s signature on paper, however, today’s requirements has seen electronic proof of delivery become highly sought after […]

How do I manage my delivery business?

Attention delivery business owners! If you’re struggling to keep your operations under control and wondering exactly ‘how do I manage my delivery business?’ This article can help! We’ll be going through the relevance of delivery management, as well as the benefits of automating your entire delivery process. Get your business in shape and gives this […]

What is proof of delivery?

To start with… Knowing what is proof of delivery is only half the story! Proof of delivery is a critical part of the logistics industry by confirming the completion of a delivery. With the growth of contactless deliveries, POD is the best way to give customers and businesses peace of mind that goods have arrived […]

How do I choose a delivery management software?

Do you run a delivery operation and are wondering ‘how do I choose a delivery management software?’ There are several factors that need to be taken into account before selecting a solution. You need to consider the requirements of your business and do adequate research before reaching a decision. Check out this article to figure […]

Why do businesses need delivery management software?

Why do businesses need delivery management software? Managing a delivery business and ensuring all operations are running seamlessly is not an easy task. Customers want their orders yesterday! Making it difficult for businesses to keep up with the growing demand of faster deliveries. Delivery management software is the solution that can revolutionise your delivery business […]

Why is proof of delivery important?

In a world where contactless delivery has dominated the delivery industry, proof of delivery is the best way to assure customers their order has arrived safely. But why is proof of delivery important? Also, how can your supply chain benefit by offering proof of delivery to customers? This article will delve into exactly what is […]

Why is delivery management important?

Why is delivery management important, you say?  Running a delivery business comes with a truckload of responsibilities. Managing bookings, planning routes and knowing each order has been successfully completed are just a few of the many factors that make managing deliveries successful.  Having a quality delivery management system will ensure goods make it safely to […]

What Is Delivery Management Software? The Complete Guide

If you run a delivery business then you know exactly how difficult it can be to plan routes, manage bookings and know that each order is being carried out successfully.  There must be an easier way to juggle all these responsibilities, right?  That’s where this page comes in handy. Delivery management software (DMS) is the […]

Supply Chain Optimisation: A Guide 

Supply chains can be extremely complex to manage, especially when various suppliers and goods are included.  Having a supply chain optimisation solution can help enhance your operation’s efficiency, reduce costs by conserving resources, increase transparency and reduce stress for supply chain managers. This article will not only explore supply chain management and optimisation but why […]

What Is Long Haul Transportation?

Long haul transportation is the keystone of today’s modern transport system. Generally, long haul refers to movements of goods or freight over distances above 400km and is often done via truck. According to the latest statistics, metropolitan freight movement in Australia is forecast to grow by nearly 60% over 20 years to 2040, with its […]

What Is Line Haul Transportation?

Line haul transportation refers to the shipment of goods between logistics hubs. There is no set definition as to how the products have to move, whether it’s by sea, land, or air, it is simply the efficient movement of goods. For a seamless line haul transportation network, managers must optimise consolidation to keep goods moving […]

What Does White Glove Delivery Mean?

Over the last couple years delivery has evolved from just clothes, consumer goods and groceries, to include more premium items like household appliances, furniture and even jewellery. This has opened the door for white glove delivery to cement their niche in the market. What is White Glove Delivery? White glove delivery is a delivery service […]

Routific VS Locate2u: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Finding a reliable Delivery Management Software for your business is a great way to make the delivery process easier. You can optimise your routes, track your vehicles and manage your bookings so you can keep on top of your business operations. Given the increase in consumer demand and changing nature of delivery, now is the […]

Delivery Software For Small Businesses: Is It Worth It?

Small businesses are often under immense pressure, with most being sent into survival mode given the long lasting impact of COVID-19. So, what’s the solution? Delivery Software built for small businesses can help reduce the stress of managing bookings whilst improving the efficiency of operations.  This article will help those running small businesses to decide […]

DMS vs Marketplace: Who Should I Choose?

The way we deliver and receive packages are changing, especially during the pandemic which only increased demand for fast deliveries. There are two main options allowing you to meet this increased demand for faster delivery – DMS and Delivery Marketplaces. But what are the differences and how do you know which one is right for […]

The Pros Of Managing Your Own Deliveries

Providing an exceptional customer experience goes far beyond an online purchase. These days, customers expect efficient, accurate, and timely deliveries, and if these expectations are met, the likelihood of repurchasing increases. In a recent survey, 85.6% of respondents said a poor delivery experience would influence whether they shopped from an e-commerce store again. This, combined […]

What Is Delivery Management Software Used For?

Why spend hours planning your bookings and creating the most efficient routes for your drivers when you can have them done in seconds? Delivery Management Software is a groundbreaking technology for businesses looking to increase their productivity and save money. Delivery booking software uses include route optimisation, real-time tracking, booking management and proof of delivery. […]

Choosing The Best Courier Management Service

Choosing The Best Courier Management Service  Nowadays, incorporating cutting-edge technology is necessary to stay competitive in a society driven by technology and ruthless business models. A reliable courier is essential to improve your business’ productivity when it comes to delivery. To streamline your primary processes, improve customer support, and keep your daily operation running smoothly, […]

Free Delivery Management Software vs Locate2u

Delivery management software makes a business owner’s life a lot easier by ensuring smoother, more organised deliveries. This software helps business operations by reducing the stress of planning and managing bookings, and offering optimised routes for more efficient and cost effective deliveries. Real-time tracking is another feature that allows you to track your fleet in […]

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