GPS Tracking

Best Practices for Managing Driver Safety in Delivery

As the delivery industry continues to grow and prosper, best practices for managing driver safety in delivery are a must. According to Savvy’s 2022 Australian car incidents report, road fatalities have spiked by 2.7% in the last year. This is a sobering number that makes road safety protocols all the more important in order to […]

The Role of GPS Tracking in Modern Delivery Businesses

This article will cover the role of GPS tracking in modern delivery businesses. Consumers want quick, effective, and dependable delivery services, forcing businesses to adjust if they want to remain competitive. Global positioning system (GPS) tracking is one of the most important instruments used by contemporary delivery companies to enhance their operations. Before we get […]

GPS tracking best practices

What is GPS tracking? What are GPS tracking best practices? Online shopping and home delivery are becoming more and more popular today, meaning delivery businesses need to be more efficient and organized in order to maintain a competitive advantage.  The most effective tool they have is GPS tracking. Delivery businesses can follow the whereabouts of […]

How GPS Tracking Can Help You Manage Your Assets

Here’s how GPS tracking can help you manage your assets! In today’s environment, asset management is a vital component of business operations. An asset manager needs to track the location and usage of their assets to guarantee that they are employed properly and effectively. GPS tracking technology has become an increasingly common tool for tracking […]

What You Need to Know About GPS Tracking for Your Fleet

Here’s what you need to know about GPS tracking for your fleet! The use of GPS tracking has become increasingly important for fleet management. GPS tracking is used by fleet managers to boost productivity, increase safety, cut expenses, and deliver better customer service. Yet, how does GPS tracking operate, what advantages does it provide, and […]

How to Use GPS Tracking to Protect Your Assets

So you’re wondering how to use GPS tracking to protect your assets. Let’s get into it! The widespread use of GPS tracking has benefitted asset protection in a variety of industries. Thanks to developments in GPS technology, tracking the whereabouts of machinery, vehicles, and other valuable assets in real-time has never been easier.   What is […]

Fleet Vehicle GPS tracking. How does it work?

Fleet vehicle GPS tracking is one of the best ways you can manage your fleet and take your business to the next level. There are several benefits to integrating fleet tracking software into your system, all of which work to boost operational efficiency, improve communication, reduce fuel and maintenance costs and enhance customer satisfaction. What […]

What is GPS tracking and how does it work?

GPS technology has evolved significantly over the years, giving companies and individuals the ability to monitor vehicles and assets to solve safety, compliance and efficiency problems. But what is GPS tracking and how does it work? This article will give you insight as to what GPS is, how it operates, what it’s used for and […]

The types of vehicle GPS trackers

Tracking your fleet is crucial to ensuring that deliveries are being completed successfully and your drivers are exactly where they need to be. That way you can keep your customers updated throughout the process, building trust in hopes for repeat use of your services.  But which GPS tracking device is best suited for your business? […]

What are the benefits of GPS Tracking?

What is GPS tracking? GPS tracking is the monitoring of a geographical location via Global Positioning System to track an object (vehicle, person, equipment etc.). GPS tracking devices are positioned alongside a GPS receiver and are able to transmit or record its location.  This data can be passed on over 4G cellular network or GSM […]

Delivery Tracking: Why businesses with trackable deliveries attract more customers?

People prefer using the internet to purchase their everyday necessities rather than visiting the stores.  Therefore, online shopping has become an essential part of many customers’ lives.  A massive increase in online purchases requires a reliable and consistent delivery tracking system. Even though many packages are properly delivered, sometimes they get lost, damaged, or even […]

What is GPS tracking?

Knowing the whereabouts of your team and vehicles throughout the day can help reassure you that jobs are being completed successfully and on time. GPS tracking is used to track the live location of your assets and vehicles. This is exceedingly valuable for businesses wanting to enhance visibility of their fleet and accountability for your drivers.  […]

4 Best Delivery Driver GPS Tracking Features

If you’re looking to improve your fleets performance then GPS tracking could be your business’ saving grace. Not knowing where your team members are throughout the day can often leave you in limbo wondering if they are being as productive as possible. Without a GPS tracker, communication between you and your team is severely restricted […]

How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Work?

You may be wondering how GPS fleet tracking works? There’s a lot of needless mystery around GPS Tracking. Why do people use it? What is GPS Vehicle Tracking? What Is GPS Fleet Tracking? Is there a difference? This article will answer all these questions about how, why and what GPS is.  Starting off, GPS stands […]

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