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DHL Express launches first mobile pop-up store in San Antonio

DHL Express launches first mobile pop-up store in San Antonio
DHL Express launches first mobile pop-up store in San Antonio
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DHL, has expanded its extensive US retail network with a new mobile pop-up store in San Antonio, TX. This 2,200-cubic-foot, fully off-the-grid mobile DHL ServicePoint provides customers with a convenient and user-friendly shipping solution.

Why does this matter? By bringing services directly to the community, it enhances accessibility for customers who might not be near a traditional retail location.

A backdrop to this initiative is a recent ‘market watch’ report by Asendia, which offers a range of international e-commerce and mail delivery services. Looking at the US e-commerce market, Asendia finds revenue growth continues. 

DHL shipping services in San Antonio 

The retail pop-up will meet the rising shipping needs for both consumers and businesses. This includes a large immigrant community that depends on international shipping to stay connected with their home countries in Mexico and Latin America. 

The new unit at 12651 Vance Jackson Road is the first mobile pop-up store in the San Antonio area.

Aaron Gallagher, SVP Commercial for DHL Express US says San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. He adds that this expansion aims to meet the rising demand for international shipping services in the area.

“The introduction of an innovative mobile pop-up store is designed to enhance accessibility and offer customers a faster, more convenient experience for their international and domestic shipping needs,” says Gallagher. 

Key features of the new ServicePoint

  • Solar-powered system: Entirely powered by solar panels, reducing energy consumption.
  • Sustainability goal: Aligns with DHL’s mission to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.
  • Efficient processing: Can handle shipments to US destinations and 220 countries and territories served by DHL.
  • Supplies available: Offers bubble wrap, packing tape, and DHL-branded boxes.

Sustainable parcel delivery 

Is mobile pop-ups becoming a trend? Earlier this month, Locate2u reported on the UK testing its first electric mobile post office. The trials confirmed the vehicle’s viability as a more environmentally friendly option.

There is also the growing movement towards parcel lockers. In April, DHL unveiled it was set to significantly increase its out-of-home delivery capabilities in Sweden by adding about 1,000 new parcel lockers in 2024. 

In France, parcel locker company Pickup (a subsidiary of La Poste Group) has launched parcel lockers powered by solar energy. 

What are the benefits of parcel lockers? 

  • Cost efficiency: Operating parcel lockers can be more cost-effective than home delivery. They reduce the need for multiple delivery attempts if recipients are not home, saving fuel and labor costs. 
  • 24/7 accessibility: Parcel lockers provide customers with the flexibility to pick up their packages at any time, which is more convenient for the customer and reduces the logistical burden on delivery services during peak hours.
  • Reduced last-mile delivery challenges: The last mile of delivery is the most expensive and complex logistics chain. Parcel lockers help minimize these issues by centralizing deliveries to convenient locations.

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Photo Credit: DHL

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