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Snappy Shopper and Stuart partner to transform local delivery in the UK 

Snappy Shopper and Stuart partner to transform local delivery in the UK 
Snappy Shopper and Stuart partner to transform local delivery in the UK 

Nowadays, customers want their deliveries fast. Now life’s going to get easier for customers who just need that speedy delivery. 

Online shopping company Snappy Shopper and Stuart have announced a partnership that will enhance the delivery experience for both customers and retailers. 

Why does this partnership matter? Stuart is known for speeding up order and delivery times. By using Stuart’s platform, Snappy Shopper retailers can now deliver orders in as little as 60 minutes. This quick service ensures customers get their orders promptly, and retailers can fulfill them quickly and accurately.

Stuart is one of Europe’s leading last-mile logistics platforms and was founded in 2015 in Paris with a €15 million ($16.3 million)  investment from GeoPost. Its solutions are tailored sectors like restaurants, grocery, retail and luxury, and e-commerce.  The company operates in 120 cities and has more than 8,000 business clients. 

Real-time tracking 

One of the main benefits of partnering with Stuart is access to its dependable network of independent couriers. Using bicycles, mopeds, and cars, Stuart’s couriers operate locally from 9 am to 11 pm, 364 days a year. This wide network ensures fast and reliable deliveries, even during busy times and holidays.

Additionally, the partnership between Snappy Shopper and Stuart improves delivery efficiency and provides real-time tracking updates for both retailers and customers. With live tracking via SMS and email, customers can follow their orders from confirmation to delivery. This transparency enhances the delivery experience, building trust and satisfaction among consumers.

John Gillan, UK general manager of Stuart, says connecting with Stuart’s on-the-ground fleet of independent couriers will allow grocers to streamline delivery operations, driving positive outcomes for both consumers and businesses.

Delivery partnership in action

Mike Callachan, CEO and co-founder of Snappy Shopper says: “Our partnership with Stuart further solidifies our dedication to revolutionizing the local delivery landscape. By leveraging Stuart’s platform, we can ensure that customers receive their orders faster than ever before, while supporting local businesses and communities.”

Here’s a scenario: It’s a busy evening on a weekday. A customer places an order for groceries through Snappy Shopper at 6 pm. Within minutes, the order is processed and assigned to one of Stuart’s independent couriers nearby. 

The courier, using a moped, picks up the groceries from the local store and heads directly to the customer’s address. By 7 pm, just an hour after placing the order, the customer receives their groceries, fresh and on time. 

Meanwhile, the retailer tracks the delivery in real-time and sees the order successfully completed, ensuring both the customer and the business benefit from this seamless and efficient delivery process.

In January, Stuart partnered with integration provider UrbanPiper to help restaurants in the UK, Ireland, and Europe with delivery. The partnership allows restaurants to integrate Stuart’s platform through UrbanPiper – connecting them with independent couriers.

Photo Credit: Canva

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