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Viral Amazon diver: Wake-up call for delivery industry?

Amazon delivery driver
Amazon delivery driver

An Amazon driver’s confession went viral on social media when she quit on her second day due to having a mental breakdown. The incident sparked discussions about working conditions in the delivery industry. 

The Amazon driver, known as Rianna on TikTok, expressed her frustrations with the job’s demands, including driving a large truck in hot weather for what she considered inadequate pay. 

At the time of publishing, the video had garnered more than 37,000 likes, 732,000 views, and thousands of comments. 

Amazon driver’s candid confession

Apart from raising her concerns, Rianna also praised other Amazon drivers, particularly women in the profession, for their resilience. 

Why does this incident matter? The video highlights ongoing concerns about working conditions and compensation in the rapidly growing e-commerce delivery sector. 

It raises questions about the sustainability of current business models and the treatment of essential workers. This isn’t the first time Amazon’s labor practices have made headlines. 

Back in 2023, the US department of labor criticized the retail giant’s warehouse practices, issuing Occupational Safety and Health Administration citations at three warehouses in Colorado, Idaho, and New York. 

The department said Amazon failed “to keep workers safe and delivered hazard alert letters for exposing workers to ergonomic hazards.”

Just this week, 100 Amazon drivers in Illinois downed tools over the company’s violations of federal labor laws. They are demanding that Amazon recognize and bargain with their union. 

Are delivery drivers paid enough?

Steve Orenstein, founder and CEO of Locate2u and Zoom2u, recently weighed in on the broader issue of courier pay. “A lot of people don’t realize how little a courier driver gets paid on a per delivery basis,” Orenstein says.

He notes that many major courier companies pay drivers only $2 to $3 per delivery. “Delivery consumers think delivery costs $5 when it actually costs a lot more money to actually do those deliveries. 

“I think courier drivers should be paid more money than what they are today.”

Industry-level change needed

While Rianna’s experience is with Amazon specifically, it reflects on the wider issues in the delivery industry. 

The surge of e-commerce growth has led to an increased demand for delivery services, but how sustainable is it in the long run? 

Orenstein points out that low pay for delivery drivers often leads to poor service, which in turn impacts on customer satisfaction. 

“You think about why did that driver just leave that parcel at my front door? Or why do they leave at the bottom of my driveway? They’re just simply not being paid enough.”

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