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Glasgow Prestwick Airport chosen as Royal Mail’s new e-commerce hub

Glasgow Prestwick Airport chosen as Royal Mail's new e-commerce hub
Glasgow Prestwick Airport chosen as Royal Mail's new e-commerce hub

Glasgow Prestwick Airport will be the new international e-commerce hub for Royal Mail in the UK. Royal Mail chose Prestwick because it offers many advantages over other UK airports. 

Asendia recently published its 2024 ‘market watch’ highlighting UK businesses have adopted hybrid working patterns, and people working from home are boosting e-commerce growth. 

The company offers a range of international e-commerce and mail delivery services. The company services fashion, apparel, health and beauty, marketplaces, and food and supplements. Key destinations for e-tailers include Asia, Europe, the USA, and Canada. 

Efficient e-commerce solution 

Nico Le Roux, Development Director, Glasgow Prestwick Airport says: “We are confident that our new Fast and Efficient E-commerce Solution will offer customers real cost savings against other UK air cargo hubs, whilst also ensuring they meet their customer delivery-time promise.”

Le Roux adds the airport has a full in-house operation, from ground handling and warehouse handling to fire services, and air traffic control, which allows the airport to offer flexibility. “Carriers only need to make one call to our operations line, and we take care of everything. This streamlined process is a significant advantage,” says Le Roux. 

Royal Mail, last-mile delivery provider 

Royal Mail director of global imports Vivian Davies says Prestwick Airport has no flight restrictions, congestion, or curfews on both inbound and outbound flights, offering round-the-clock availability. This is key for the fast turnaround needed in the e-commerce sector.

“Royal Mail is the UK’s leading last-mile delivery provider offering a fully tracked service ensuring timely delivery within two to three days of parcels entering the UK,” says Davies. 

UK e-commerce market 

Mordor Intelligence reports the UK e-commerce market is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, driven by consumers’ preference for online shopping.

“The rise of online retailing adds to the never-ending pursuit of value for money. Online shoppers continue to look for the best prices and deals, increasing the proportion of money spent online. For shoppers looking for health, fashion and beauty, consumer electronics, travel services, and home and garden, the internet has become the natural place to look,” reads the report. 

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