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Mother’s Day spending soars: $33.5B expected this year

Mother's Day spending soars: $33.5B expected this year
Mother's Day spending soars: $33.5B expected this year

As Mother’s Day approaches, consumers are gearing up to show their love and appreciation for the special women in their lives. With spending expected to reach near-record levels once again, the holiday is an opportunity for retailers and e-commerce businesses to boost sales.

Americans spent more than $35.7 billion on Mother’s Day purchases in 2023. According to Statista, most shoppers focused specifically on finding “unique or different gifts.”

This year is shaping up to be no different. The annual National Retail Federation (NRF) report shows that Mother’s Day spending is expected to exceed $30 billion again this year. 

In the US alone, nearly 84% of adults are preparing to observe Mother’s Day, with the average spender forking out $254.04 on and celebrations. Those between the ages of 35 and 44 tend to spend more – approximately $350.    

Most people (35%) tend to shop online but approximately 32% of purchases are made at department stores, 29% at specialty stores, and 25% at small businesses. 

The NRF says 74% of consumers plan to purchase flowers and greeting cards, spending a total of $3.2 billion and $1.1 billion respectively. Meanwhile, 59% will treat their mothers to special outings like dinner and brunch, amounting to $5.9 billion. 

Additionally, 40% will buy jewelry, totaling $7 billion, and 21% will opt for personal services such as spa days, facials, and massages ($2.9 billion) or electronics ($3.5 billion).

‘It’s the thought that counts’

NRF CEO Matthew Shay says retailers know the importance of Mother’s Day and are more than prepared to “help their customers with a wide selection of meaningful gifts for loved ones to show their appreciation.”  

This is backed up by data from the Society of American Florists, which says 26% of all Mother’s Day-related gifts are purchased at flower shops. In fact, it’s the third biggest holiday for florists, outpaced only by Valentine’s Day and Christmas (and Hanukkah).

Flowers, greeting cards, special outings, jewelry, and electronics are the top gift categories. While stationery items tend to take the backseat to digital products on most holidays, the opposite is true for Mother’s Day. Nearly 113 million cards are sent around this time of the year. 

Pro-tip to spoil mom this year: The data shows that “thoughtful gifts remain a priority, so look for something unique. 43% of shoppers say they are on the hunt for something to “create a special memory.” 

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