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Study: Online shopping boosts French consumer savings

Study: Online shopping boosts French consumer savings
Study: Online shopping boosts French consumer savings
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Online shopping has changed the cost of living experience for the French consumer, by saving a staggering $18 billion in the last decade. According to a study by Compass Lexecon, 42 million made purchases online in 2022, representing 80% of internet users. 

This study, commissioned by Amazon, looks at how French consumers value e-commerce and how much they gain from it. 

What French consumers want

Antoine Victoria, vice president at Compass Lexecon, who directed the research, says the study is unprecedented in its purpose and robust in its methodology. “It reveals that e-commerce contributes positively to the overall shopping experience of French people.”

The study found that French people “particularly appreciate the vast choice, time savings, and attractive prices offered by e-commerce.” By embracing online shopping, French people saved the equivalent of over one year’s worth of inflation, or $18 billion.

However, the research highlights that e-commerce customers “value the ability of e-commerce to increase savings related to transportation costs most.” This means nine out of ten rural respondents use their vehicles to buy goods before exploring e-commerce sites. 

Three key findings

  • French consumers widely recognize the benefits of e-commerce to their overall shopping experience. This includes the vast choice, attractive prices, time-saving, reduced travel costs, and anti-inflation power.

  • Consumers living in rural areas use and value e-commerce in their overall shopping experience as much as inhabitants of urban areas.

  • When French customers shop online, they consider that e-commerce’s three main contributions to their overall shopping experience are the vast choice, the attractive prices, and the ability to save time.  

  • Compass Lexecon’s historical data shows that e-commerce growth operates with an anti-inflationary effect, benefiting all consumers.

What is the anti-inflationary effect? 

Anti-inflationary refers to measures or factors that help to reduce or counteract inflation. Inflation is the general increase in prices and the decrease in the purchasing value of money. 

Anti-inflationary actions aim to stabilize or lower prices, thereby maintaining or increasing the purchasing power of money. 

This study, using an econometric model, isolated the effect of e-commerce growth on prices online and offline. “Therefore to quantify its impact in terms of inflation reduction and supporting purchasing power.”

It was concluded that the growth of e-commerce has contributed to lowering the prices of all goods and services consumed by the French, whether or not they make online purchases. 

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