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Young male entrepreneurs drive Turkey’s e-commerce growth

Young male entrepreneurs drive Turkey’s e-commerce growth
Young male entrepreneurs drive Turkey’s e-commerce growth

Turkey has seen significant growth in e-commerce, specifically in household appliances, electronics, footwear, and accessories. 

In 2023, more than 1.85 trillion Turkish liras were spent on online shopping, and Istanbul has the highest e-commerce compliance index. The ministry of commerce is projecting that the high number of trade will again deliver high figures this year. 

Businesses spend time and money online

Most (76%) businesses that use online shopping options in Turkey are sole proprietorships. The rest are limited companies and joint-stock companies. “Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya are the top five cities with the most businesses engaged in e-commerce,” says the ministry.  

Young men (25-44)  are more likely to purchase online. Over 70% of the owners of sole proprietorships “engaged in e-commerce are male.” The remaining nearly 30% are female. 

November was the busiest month online in Turkey. E-commerce volume grew by 50% above the year-on-year average. 

According to E-commerce News, nearly 560,000 online companies are registered in the country. The highest turnover of goods is household appliances. On average, customers have to wait 46 hours (about two days) to have their orders delivered.

Australian e-commerce in perspective

To put Turkey’s online sales performance in perspective, 8 in 10 Australian households shopped online in 2023. Australia Post says 9.5 million households (+1.4% YoY) across the nation received a parcel in the year under review. 

There was a surge in online shopping in Australia, up 9.1% in 2023. AusPost noticed that more customers are buying groceries online, resulting in significant growth in food and liquor online shopping. 

In Australia, customers are making online purchases part of their weekly checklist. Approximately one in seven Australian households made weekly purchases.

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Baby Boomers (60 to 78-year-olds) spent 7% more YoY on e-commerce, with an average basket size for online shopping totaling an average of $109. 

However, GenY spent more than any other generation in 2023, with a total of $22 billion.

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