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Fast medicine delivery: Zipline partners with Mayo Clinic

Fast medicine delivery: Zipline partners with Mayo Clinic
Fast medicine delivery: Zipline partners with Mayo Clinic

Zipline’s Platform 2 (P2) service will now be used at Mayo Clinic’s campuses in Jacksonville, Florida, and Rochester, Minnesota for medication delivery.

Mayo Clinic will use Zipline’s eco-friendly, autonomous drones to deliver items directly to patients’ homes as part of its advanced hospital-at-home program. 

Why does this matter? Drones can deliver medications much faster than traditional methods, especially in emergency situations or remote areas. This rapid delivery can be crucial for time-sensitive treatments.

This initiative follows the business’s celebration of being the first company in history to complete one million commercial drone deliveries to customers. 

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Deliver to homes in minutes 

This means that if a caregiver needs medication or supplies quickly, Zipline can deliver them from the hospital to a patient’s home in minutes. It helps patients and caregivers get what they need without traveling to a facility.

Here’s a scenario: A caregiver at home with a patient suddenly needs urgent medication. The caregiver contacts the hospital, and within minutes, a Zipline drone is dispatched. The drone, carrying the required medication, swiftly flies from the hospital to the patient’s home. 

The caregiver retrieves the package from the drone and administers the medication without leaving the house. This quick response helps manage the patient’s condition effectively and prevents a trip to the hospital.

Drones reshaping logistics 

There are several reasons drones are being used to deliver packages/cargo. The standout has to be the speed of delivery. Drones fly above ground and are not restricted by traffic. Another factor is that deliveries will not be hampered by labor shortages. They may be in flight during a lunch hour when a person has to take breaks—the drone does not. 

sky high convenience? Drones can bring products directly to customers’ doors, eliminating the need for them to travel to stores or pharmacies. This is particularly beneficial for people with mobility issues or those living in remote areas.

Medical facilities and retail companies use this technology to improve the customer/patient experience. Walmart has been hard at work giving customers fast delivery directly to their door. Its drone delivery in Texas was recently expanded to reach 1.8 million more homes in Dallas Fort-Worth.  

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Photo Credit: Zipline

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