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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Improve linehaul deliveries through route optimization

Improve linehaul deliveries through route optimization
Improve linehaul deliveries through route optimization

Moving heavy freight and goods is a complex process which can have many unwanted problems. Knowing how to improve linehaul deliveries through route optimization is a great way to provide a smoother experience for your business and customers.

With large volumes of shipments being transported across a long distance, challenges like fuel overconsumption, or reduced vehicle capacity are seemingly unavoidable.

benefits of route optimization

This article will highlight the benefits of route optimization and the positive influence it can have on linehaul delivery businesses.

What is route optimization?

Route optimization is the process of building the most efficient route for a delivery vehicle to get to its destination. 

Efficiency of a delivery is not just based on the time spent on transportation. It involves thoroughly planned logistics which reduces fuel consumption, creates a structured network for drivers and freight, reduces delivery time and overall improves customer service.

For the linehaul industry, delivery operations are pivotal. The benefits provided by route optimization will be an absolute way to enhance your supply chain logistics! Learn more about them here.

What is the difference between line haul and long haul? 

The key distinguishing factor between the two modes for goods delivery is the distance. Long haul deliveries involve significantly greater distances traveled, as opposed to linehaul – which is a relatively shorter distance. 

This means speed is also impacted as linehaul deliveries are presented at a faster rate. Long haul deliveries take greater time.

Both modes of deliveries however are made up of a high volume of goods, transport associated costs, and complex routes.

Read more about the difference between line haul and long haul!

The difference between truckload and less than truckload (LTL)

A truckload consists of shipping containers/trailers that provides delivery to just one customer.

Less than truckload LTL contrastingly refers totrailers that provide delivery to multiple customers. LTL is generally made up of less freight and includes many different routes, and provides a business with economies of scale.

What are economies of scale?

Economies of scale implies that the average cost of a product or service will decrease as the volume of production increases.

In terms of line haul delivery, economies of scale can be used for bulk shipping. Operations with mass distribution will involve lots of movement across many miles, which implies big costs. By using route optimization however, operations can be transformed so that one carrier can drive across a network and make multiple deliveries.

This can also be applied to LTL carriers!

How does route optimization make a difference in linehaul deliveries? 

Using the most efficient software solutions to deliver products to customers has many benefits! These can enhance your business’ profitability and reputation for great service.

Fleet management 

Fleet management is the process of keeping track of all freight and drivers. It involves tracking across various locations, all the way from the warehouse up until the last mile. 

When done manually, this is very tedious and time consuming – whereas by using Locate2u’s route optimization software, your company will have access to detailed, computerized data regarding your shipments and carriers. 

GPS tracking 

Similarly, GPS tracking enables you to access the live location of your drivers and vehicles. This allows you to have greater control over your fleet, and through features like visibility, speed, and location history you can customize your linehaul deliveries as preferred.

Cost saving 

Route optimization enables you to deliver goods to multiple locations at a reduced distance. Trucking companies have to spend a lot of money – for example on petrol, routing, real time problems on the road and any additional facilities. Reducing costs, so your business can increase their savings!

Enhanced route planning

The key feature provided through route optimization is an efficient optimized route. Using advanced software features, the software develops a route for your fleet by considering miles, speed, and cost. 

Accurate ETAs

Companies can rest assured because Locate2u gives businesses AND customers real time data on the estimated time of arrival. Customers also have the power to customize a preferred time to pick up their shipment! This means improved driver planning, and a more reliable customer experience.

The process of linehaul deliveries route optimization

The process of manually routing a solution for your fleet is extremely time consuming. Route optimization software can output a shipping transportation route within seconds!

Shipments can be tracked by the team members, and can be shared to customers. For a line haul company with multiple drivers shipping with an individual truck at varied capacity – good  fleet management can highlight certain issues. These include missing inventory, lack of productivity, and fuel overconsumption.

route optimisation software

Using a software solution allows you to optimize carrier movement, track and manage. This makes the entire transportation process much easier – from the warehouse till the pickup at the last mile.

What is a linehaul network?

A line haul network is the combination of all stakeholders and elements involved in the process of a linehaul delivery. This involves :

  1. admin
  2. drivers
  3. depot
  4. carriers

The problem with line haul networks

Without sufficient planning, a line haul network can be a problem.

The key issue is a dependence on manual labor. While the role of a driver, carrying load or other physical labor at the hub must be manual, businesses spend lots of time and money carrying out admin tasks.

How does route optimization help?

By using technological solutions to automate admin work for a line haul network, businesses can carry out more efficient transportation of shipments.

It provides key performance indicators on logistics, line haul processes, and the overall operations process at a delivery hub.

delivery management software

Request a demo from Locate2u to see how our software can help your line haul shipping!

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