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Is Drone Delivery The Future?

Drone delivery
Drone delivery

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s a delivery drone!

Imagine carrying out millions of deliveries every year without even hitting the road.

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, through its subsidiary Wing, is seeking to do just that by developing drone delivery network technology! 

There are many challenges businesses face within the delivery industry, especially when it comes to food delivery. We’ve seen Deliveroo go into administration, and other platforms struggle to maintain profitability and meet customer expectations. 

In Logan, Australia, where drones can transport up to 1,000 items each day, the company has started putting this technology through its paces, and trial drone deliveries have already started in Dublin, Ireland.

It’s also worth noting the significant impact that traditional vehicles have on the environment. Given that drones use electric motors, they produce far less carbon emissions. 

Adam Woodworth, CEO of Wing, believes that instead of resembling a traditional transportation system, the distribution system will be more like a successful data network.  

Wing Delivery Network’s unique approach could prove highly successful for retailers, restaurants, and other industries. We can expect to see this system handle millions of deliveries at a lower cost by the middle of 2024.

Wing isn’t the only company looking into drone delivery here are a few others: 


Each company is offering a different style of service, but it’s highly likely drone delivery will be part of our future delivery methods. 

Even the Australian government is actively looking into the impacts of drone delivery and how it will impact both businesses and consumers. 

There will be a range of delivery options available in the future. Companies will be able to choose the right type of delivery option based on the product they are looking to deliver. Drone delivery is likely suitable for a small payload, larger items will need to be delivered via a vehicle or truck, likely driven autonomously.  

Businesses will need the ability to choose a range of methods based on the product they are looking to ship. 

It’s part of what we are building at Locate2u with our upcoming Carrier2u integration.

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