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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

Route optimization and its many benefits

locate2u app route optimisation
locate2u app route optimisation

The continual evolution of technology has seen softwares being developed for delivery and service organizations to boost efficiency. Route optimization and its many benefits is becoming the favored method for successful deliveries.

Learn more about how this dynamic software can improve your fleet management, logistics and customer experience!

route optimisation software

What is route optimization?

Route optimization is the process of constructing the most efficient route to get to your destination(s), determined using advanced software solutions. 

The most efficient pathway considers fuel, additional costs and speed – the shortest distance is not always the best route!

An optimal route consists of several factors – it is cost effective, fast, minimizes fuel consumption, and allows a company to maintain driver schedule efficiency alongside reputable delivery windows.

Problems with manual route planning

Manual route planning is the current most popular method used by businesses. These bring up many issues or PAIN points.

PAIN points identify specific problems that exist or may arise in an industry for its customers.

 Outlined below are some of the PAIN points

Communication blocks

Communication within the delivery team is difficult without reliable technology. This means a delivery cannot be adaptable to any last minute changes made by the customer or management.

No real time GPS 

No absolute way to get real time data on the fleet, for the company or the customer. This means traffic and other unexpected road conditions will make delivery times unreliable.

Planning for last minute changes

Planning is made difficult for a number of events like traffic or maintenance costs. There is little to no capacity to accommodate any last minute changes for customers.

The costs associated with route planning and delivery services

Manually route planning can be an expensive, and time consuming process! 

Costs associated include:

  1. Fuel cost
  2. Maintenance for your vehicles or fleet
  3. Last mile delivery
route planning and delivery services

The bottom line is, your business can achieve many results by optimizing routes.

What is the importance of route preparation? 

Route preparation for a delivery service company is just as important as planning the business model itself. Route preparation refers to the process of delivering goods from location A to B, having a prepared route provides many advantages. 

A prepared route makes it easy to track drivers and shipments. Factors such as driver schedules, availability and legal requirements are all incorporated as part of a successful route preparation model.

Customers and employees of any delivery based industry will benefit from route optimization technology. Its features make the fulfillment of orders much easier for anyone involved.

importance of route preparation

What are the benefits of route optimization?

Manual methods are time consuming, subject to human error, and can miss out on small details – details for which softwares are specifically programmed to incorporate into their logistics.

  1. Increased volume of deliveries
    A business is able to enhance their volume of deliveries, while simultaneously increasing the speed of their service through an optimized route – much faster than route planned manually.
  1. ETAs
    ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrivals) become increasingly accurate and reliable, aiding both the delivery business and the consumer. 
  1. Customer satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is a key benefit as delivery optimization softwares provides accurate ETAs, keeping customers in the loop regarding their deliveries, and also allows them to more efficiently conduct their own services using the products delivered.
route optimisation software

Features of route optimization software

Outlined below are the features provided by Locate2u’s route optimization software: 

Have a planned route within minutes

Time spent on manual route planning is reduced! Locate2u’s planning software can produce a cost and time effective path for all the vehicles in your fleet. 

Live GPS tracking

Live updates from all your drivers will enhance your fleet management. You and your customer can receive updates on your driver’s location. GPS also means they can also find optimized paths that avoid traffic!

live gps tracking

Reduces carbon emissions 

Reduced distance means your delivery vehicles will reduce fuel consumption, so you can have a more environmentally friendly transport!

Customer has choice over delivery times

Advanced configurations also allow the client to set up a preferred time to receive their goods, to match their business needs.

What is last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery is the final destination of the delivery process – involving a delivery vehicle to drop off the package at the client’s doorstep (or office). This is a high priority step, with the main goal being to optimize the capacity of your business’ deliveries. 

Often known as the most inefficient step of the supply chain and delivery process, effective route planning through route optimization software is a solution that automatically enhances the process!

How does routing and scheduling help optimising production?

Faster, more cost efficient routes means a business has more time and funds available to explore further ventures – be it through increasing consumer outreach, or increasing delivery areas.

locate2u route optimisation software

Contact us to learn more about Locate2u’s route optimization software!

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