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Gopuff unveils game-changing platform for quick delivery

Gopuff unveils game-changing platform for quick delivery
Gopuff unveils game-changing platform for quick delivery

Getting quick deliveries right is exceptionally tricky, just look at the number of quick-commerce companies that folded in the last few years. Gopuff is one of the few who survived the COVID-19 lockdowns and the aftermath. 

It has now launched an initiative that could be a game changer for many startups that simply can’t succeed in quick deliveries. Powered by Gopuff, is a logistics and technology platform that helps brands to offer delivery from their own online store. This is all under 15 minutes of delivery. 

“We’ve spent the last ten years building and scaling our own hyper-local logistics network and operations to consistently meet customer demands for fast, affordable, and reliable delivery,” says Daniel Folkman, from Gopuff.

Face of quick commerce

Gopuff wants to position itself as the “face of instant commerce.” With the new platform creating opportunities for other companies to use its technology, Gopuff hopes to “extend our proprietary fulfillment and logistics capabilities.”

The new platform will offer various solutions that can help brands “deliver on rapidly evolving customer expectations” at a speed that only Gopuff’s logistics network can offer. However, Gopuff will still leave it to the company to have most of the control over the process. 

The “instant fulfillment infrastructure and technology” which will be used, will empower businesses to have their direct-to-customer websites. Customers can “leverage online ads and marketing to drive sales from their own website.” This gives them more control over the customer experience. 

How it works?

“With Storefronts, CPGs can launch their own white-labeled DTC site in days, not weeks or months. Orders placed on a partner’s Storefront are automatically routed to the nearest Gopuff micro-fulfillment center, where they’re picked, packed, and delivered to customers in as fast as 15 minutes,” explains Gopuff. 

Companies already partnered with Gopuff say Gopuff handles everything from inventory management and replenishment to live customer support. This is while the business still maintains ownership of the customer relationship. 

Chairman of VaynerX, Gary Vaynerchuck, says everyone is trying to “maximize their budgets.” He says with the ability to drive trial and purchase while also building a brand with Gopuff at the same time, set the business apart from the competitors. 

Behind the scenes of Gopuff

Daniel Folkman, the senior vice president at Gopuff, says the team has “quietly” worked on this project for a year. He believes Gopuff has a unique opportunity to “connect brands to their customers.”

To make Powered by Gopuff work, it partnered with Shopify to launch Storefronts Powered by Gopuff. Folkman says they already have over twenty Consumer Packaged Goods brands using the platform, including brands such as Unilever, Mondelēz International, The J.M. Smucker Co., Mars, General Mills, and Ferrara.

Folman believes the latest initiative will help the business become the “fabric of instant commerce.

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