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Gopuff has a new, faster delivery plan, but it’s only for subscribers

Gopuff has a new, faster delivery plan, but it's only for subscribers
Gopuff has a new, faster delivery plan, but it's only for subscribers

“The fastest delivery option on the planet” is what Gopuff believes it’s offering with the quick commerce’s new initiative called FAM20.

It’s all in the name, 20; that’s how many minutes Gopuff anticipates it can deliver orders to FAM members. This service is exclusively available to its paid subscribers. 

FAM is a subscription plan that allows users to get 30% off certain items on delivery. There are also weekly deals, while a zero delivery fee applies. However, a $7.99 monthly fee must be paid to be part of this elite service. 

“With a vertically integrated model and hyper-local infrastructure deliberately designed for speed, only Gopuff can consistently offer 20-minute deliveries,” claims the speedy delivery app in one of its latest marketing campaigns. 

Paying extra for speed

Yakir Gola, co-CEO tells Progressive Grocer that they have been promising customers to deliver groceries faster, under 30 minutes. “Today, we are excited to take that promise to the next level with FAM20.”

How is this possible? Gopuff has its own logistics and fulfillment technology. This advantage gives speed and better reach. It’s combined with hundreds of micro-fulfillment centers spread over the US. 

This way, it’s much easier for Gopuff to pick up the orders over a shorter distance and complete the delivery in a record time. 

Keeping customers happy

The playing field for quick commerce companies has been a rough ride the last few years. It bloomed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the interest started dwindling soon after lockdowns were lifted. 

Personalization, speed, and efficiency have become the buzzwords for customers lately. Today, customers expect faster deliveries, and big companies like Amazon are investing millions of dollars in making this happen. 

A survey by Get Fabric confirms that speedy deliveries should still be prioritized. 

Here’s what other retailers are doing to improve speedy deliveries:

  • Target is spending over $100 million to expand its next-day delivery capabilities by 2026.

At the same time, personalizing and keeping it fun is definitely still important. 

FAM20 pilot testing findings

While testing the FAM20 service, Gopuff managed to nail the packing of orders down to 90 seconds. That resulted in customers receiving their orders in 17 minutes on average. 

However, some of the orders were even delivered in 10 minutes. 

While some might be concerned that to have access to this elite service, a customer has to commit to a monthly subscription fee, it seems not to bother customers. During the testing phase, the FAM20 revved up orders by 10%.

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