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Philippines Post acquires 22 new trucks to boost parcel delivery

Philippines Post acquires 22 new trucks to boost parcel delivery
Philippines Post acquires 22 new trucks to boost parcel delivery

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) has announced its acquisition of 22 new trucks to boost its logistics service as well as mail and parcel delivery. 

The organization will enhance its delivery network nationwide by adding eighteen 6-wheeler and four 10-wheeler trucks. This expansion, a key part of the ongoing modernization of their mail transport fleet, aims to accelerate the distribution of mail and packages across the country. It aims to boost overall delivery efficiency and strengthening their mail conveyance capabilities.

Postmaster General Luis Carlos says that the new vehicles will boost PHLPost’s capabilities to better serve the public and attract more institutional mailers to use PHLPost delivery and logistics services.

Logistics services 

PHLPost, as a logistics provider, offers a vital service by transporting agricultural products like seedlings, fertilizers, and crops to remote areas that lack direct access to major urban centers in the provinces. This capability is crucial in bridging the distribution gap for essential agricultural supplies in hard-to-reach locations.

“We are expanding our services to help small farmers sell their products to cities with potential markets. PHLPost would like to help and uplift our local farmers to sell their products and improve their livelihood, says Carlos. 

Efficient parcel delivery 

This re-fleeting initiative is a key component of our “Postal Trinity” program. The program encompasses three major elements: 

  • Setting up Barangay Postal Stations nationwide to enhance efficient last-mile delivery, ensuring reach even in the most remote areas. 
  • Transitioning to a new seven-digit alphanumeric ZIP Code PH, replacing the old four-digit system, to standardize addressing across the country. 
  • Implementing the Real Time Visibility system, a modernization effort aimed at improving the delivery speed and overall efficiency of their mail operations.

Logistics business in the Philippines 

Last month, logistics giant UPS announced it has partnered with the Luzon International Premiere Airport (LIPAD) to create a hub in the Philippines at Clark Airport (CRK) in Pampanga.

UPS hopes this investment will connect organizations to markets in Asia Pacific and beyond. The expansion will enhance transit time across the Asia Pacific and continue to deliver service reliability for its customers. 

In November, DHL Supply Chain set its sights on expanding its Philippines operations. DHL Supply Chain Southeast Asia chief executive officer Andries Retief said at the time of the announcement: “This helps us drive our footprint in these markets and deliver our service to these customers at a high quality.”

Philippines’ in the shipping industry 

The Philippines waters, including the South China Sea, are major routes for the shipment of goods. The country consists of 7,640 islands with numerous ports, which can provide a natural harbor for ships. The country’s waters are rich in marine resources, which support marine activities.  

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