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E-commerce brands can address cross-border shopping challenges

How e-commerce brands can address cross-border shopping challenges
How e-commerce brands can address cross-border shopping challenges

In today’s fast-paced world, more international e-commerce brands are attracting overseas shoppers with unique products and competitive prices. 

In its latest study, e-commerce experience platform Nosto surveyed 2,000 consumers in the UK and USA to understand their feelings about buying from international online stores. The company explored their motivations, concerns, how the website experience affects their decisions, and what merchants can do to gain their trust.

Why would this study by Nosto matter? A study like this matters because it provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences when shopping internationally online. 

Nosto’s findings show 52.45% respondents say they had purchased from an ecommerce store based in another country within the last 12 months. 

Fashion and accessories top international buys 

Shoppers who bought something from another country in the past year are most likely to buy fashion and accessories from overseas stores – 70.16%. 

What other products are being purchased internationally? 

  • 57.29%: Sporting goods and hobby items.
  • 54.62%: Health and beauty items. 
  • 53.29%: Electronics and computers items. 
  • 50.05%: Home and garden items. 
  • 41.94%: Food and drink. 

What motivates shoppers to buy overseas?

E-commerce remains strong 

At the start of 2024, logistics giant DHL revealed some e-commerce trends for the year. 

The company highlighted that despite cautious consumer spending because of rising prices, e-commerce remains strong with an expected low to mid-single-digit growth in 2024. It adds that the peak holiday shopping season signifies increased consumer confidence in purchasing low-cost items. 

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Shopping concerts? 

Nosto’s study also took a look at what concerns when considering ordering from ecommerce brands abroad. The biggest concern was “I won’t be able to return the products easily” – scoring 49.75%. 

Other concerts include: 

  • 46.80%: The quality of the products will be poor. 
  • 45.90%: The products might be fake.
  • 42.00%: The product won’t arrive on time, or at all. 

What stops shoppers from buying when browsing overseas online stores?

What do shoppers say would help them trust overseas online stores? 

68.95% of shoppers say that what would help them trust overseas online stores is if the website has clear, easy-to-find information about returns and refunds, as well as additional taxes or duties they may have to pay. 

Here’s a scenario for the aspiring online store: 

As an online shopper, you visit an overseas ecommerce store to buy running shoes. The homepage is clean and organized. You find a pair you like and easily locate the “Returns & Refunds” link under the product description. The page explains a 30-day return policy with simple steps and a prepaid shipping label.

Next, you click on “Taxes & Duties” at the bottom of the page. It outlines how customs fees are calculated and provides a table with estimated costs for your country. The store also offers a pre-pay option at checkout.

Feeling informed about returns and extra costs, you confidently proceed to checkout, knowing your shopping experience will be smooth and hassle-free.

Photo Credit: Canva – Graphics: Nosto

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