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The Pros Of Managing Your Own Deliveries

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Providing an exceptional customer experience goes far beyond an online purchase. These days, customers expect efficient, accurate, and timely deliveries, and if these expectations are met, the likelihood of repurchasing increases. In a recent survey, 85.6% of respondents said a poor delivery experience would influence whether they shopped from an e-commerce store again.

This, combined with the increase in online shopping since COVID-19 and many delivery partners struggling to keep up with demand, has resulted in many businesses choosing to manage their own deliveries.

But how do you know whether to take the leap? How do you know if the option is viable and suitable for your business?

This article will break down the pros of managing your own deliveries and what you need to know before you get started.

The Pros

Complete control over the experience, the ability to manage your drivers and reduce overheads – sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. If managed correctly, you can create instant connections with your customers and drivers. Here are some advantages of delivering directly to your customer.

YOU control the Customer Experience

From purchase to delivery, you have complete visibility over the entire process. There’s no more red tape when working with sizeable third-party delivery services, with less time spent on manual processes.

You can take advantage of branding opportunities on your packaging and live tracking apps, view when your customers receive their deliveries, and manage feedback and complaints promptly. It’s end-to-end management, allowing you to showcase your brand throughout the entire journey.

Once you start to manage your deliveries, ensure you promote it across all promotional channels to let your customers know. People like to buy and support local – so this will only add value and allow you to offer discounts during the checkout process.

YOU Create Your Own Delivery Experience

You have the unique opportunity to plan your routes, implement tracking solutions and optimise your entire delivery experience.

Creating your delivery process allows you to streamline the journey and reduce inefficiencies and costs. While it may seem daunting at first, there are many Delivery Management Solutions available to help you along the way.

YOU Manage And Communicate With Drivers Directly

Your delivery drivers are an extension of your brand and, therefore, should be hired, trained, and managed like any other employee.

Managing your drivers allows you to provide the level of service you expect while fostering relationships. You can hire them based on the experience you are looking for, onboard them according to your company values, and train them on the software solutions that suit your business.

You also have a valuable communication channel with them – meaning you can contact them when you need to and track their location when necessary. This creates an instant connection and allows you to increase visibility between you, your drivers, and your customers.

Before you get started

While the advantages of managing your own deliveries may sound appealing, if they’re mismanaged, it can have a pretty significant impact on your business. It’s important to understand that while there may be some heavy-lifting and associated costs upfront, they will be worth it in the end.

Here are some things you should cover before you get started:

Design The Process

What does the ultimate delivery process look like for you, and how many steps does it entail. Mapping this out step-by-step will allow you to see how feasible it is and how many resources you will need to make it happen.

Find The right Software To Make It Work

The last thing you want is to be managing your deliveries and drivers through spreadsheets or systems which aren’t automated or accessible on the go. Ideally, you want to find Delivery Management Software (DMS) that allows you to optimise your routes easily, track the location of your drivers, and provide your customers with proof of delivery and the option to submit feedback.

Make Your Chosen Technology Work For You

Too often, technology solutions are implemented without the right features utilised. Delivery Management solutions are built to make your life easier – so make the technology work for you, not against you. Take advantage of features such as APIs to automate your bookings from your website and reduce hours of administration. This will allow you to focus on other priorities and remove any double-handling or errors.

Delivery management App

Work With Your Drivers

Once you’ve hired the right people, work with them to provide adequate training on your chosen Delivery Management Software. Change management is an important piece as many of your drivers may not be familiar with new technologies. Ask your provider for assistance and access to support materials, training videos, and anything else that may help you with the onboarding process. 

About the author

Founder and CEO at Zoom2u & Locate2u (ASX:Z2U). Steve has significant software development and entrepreneurial experience. Operating in the delivery space for more than 15-years, he actively contributes to the development of the industry. He has a strong focus on job management and job despatch systems.

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