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UK tests first-ever electric mobile post office

UK tests first-ever electric mobile post office
UK tests first-ever electric mobile post office

The UK’s first fully electric mobile post office has been successfully trialed.

The distinctively decorated vehicle has been tested over the past few weeks to ensure the battery-powered branch can handle hilly terrain. The trials have confirmed the vehicle’s viability as a more environmentally friendly option.

Why does this matter? An initiative like this matters because it promotes sustainability, reduces carbon emissions, and demonstrates the feasibility of green technology in essential services, helping to combat climate change while maintaining operational efficiency in challenging terrains.

Electric vehicles for postal delivery  

The new electric vehicle is the same height but slightly wider than the previous model, still suitable for country lanes. It has a better interior layout, offering more space for retail and extra storage for parcels, accommodating the increase in home shopping returns and online sales. Colleagues working on the Mobile appreciate its smooth road handling and the ease of driving with automatic transmission.

How does the Pembroke Mobile Post Office manage its daily operations with an electric vehicle? The Pembroke Mobile Post Office’s longest route is 60 miles, leaving plenty of extra range and no worries about running out of power. The vehicle charges overnight, so there’s no need to charge it during the day or find a charging station.

Pembroke Postmaster Mark Wilson has now traded his diesel van for an electric one. “Our electric Mobile Post Office is turning heads with its distinctive signage. People are used to the typical Post Office red vehicles, but the design on the vehicle is highlighting that this vehicle is better for the environment. It’s exciting to have the first of these in the UK,” says Wilson. 

Benefit of electric vehicles 

A great benefit is that electric vehicles are quicker to maintain than diesel ones, which need twice-yearly servicing that can keep them off the road for a whole day.

Next month, another electric Mobile Post Office will start operating in East Anglia, with a third one planned for a yet-to-be-decided location. This will help test if these vehicles are suitable for rural areas and how their costs compare to traditional vehicles.

Tested in real-life condition 

Nigel Parry, owner of the Post Office National Outreach Model, emphasized that electric vehicles are environmentally friendly with no emissions and are cheaper to run and maintain. They are being tested in real-life conditions to ensure they meet community needs without causing range anxiety, especially in rural areas. 

Factors like hilly terrain, cold weather, and traffic jams can affect the vehicle’s range, so it’s crucial to have spare capacity to serve outlying communities year-round.

Photo Credit: Post Office

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