What Is Route Optimisation Software? 

route optimisation software

If you find yourself spending hours each week planning routes for your drivers then you should definitely take a look at this article. 

You can revolutionise the delivery process by implementing a reliable route optimisation solution within your system.

This article will go over exactly what is route optimisation software and the many advantages you can expect to experience. 

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What is route optimisation software?

Route optimisation software is a solution that builds the most efficient routes for your drivers. 

The amazing thing about this technology as it can save you hours per week of planning by creating these routes in just minutes. That way you spend more time on other business operations to boost overall productivity. 

Route optimisation takes into consideration the number of stops, distance between stops, driver availability, traffic and weather conditions, the type of vehicles and goods being transported. 

Benefits of route optimisation

Optimising your routes is a great way to save time and money, reduce fuel consumption, increase your business’ efficiency and meet customer expectations. Below will go into depth on the many benefits of route optimisation. 

Reduced fuel consumption

Route optimisation ensures that drivers are placed on the most efficient routes so there is less time spent in traffic and more time carrying out deliveries. 

In doing so, drivers are less likely to use as much fuel if they are taking the most time-effective delivery route. Therefore route optimisation allows businesses to save money on fuel costs and direct costs to other areas of the business. 

Increased efficiency

If you’ve been wanting to boost the efficiency of your business then route optimisation software is the way to go. 

Route optimisation allows you to add in last minute bookings so your drivers can complete more deliveries throughout the day. Increasing the amount of deliveries you take on is a great way to increase revenue and the efficiency of your business. 

Customer satisfaction

Meeting customer demands can be a tricky task and in some scenarios cannot be met, ultimately risking your reputation. 

With route optimisation, you’re putting your drivers on the most efficient route which translates to faster deliveries. The quicker the better and having the ability to get goods to customers on time will enhance their experience and possibly lead to future purchases. 

Improved driver experience 

Given the importance of your drivers, you want to make their job as simple as possible to avoid confusion and possible mistakes.

Route optimisation puts drivers on the most time–effective delivery routes where they have all the information they need in order to complete each delivery for the day. 

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Optimise your delivery routes with Locate2u

Building the most efficient routes can be made possible with Locate2u’s route optimisation solution. Locate2u is a fleet and delivery management software that optimises routes, offers real-time tracking and booking management as well as proof of delivery and driver ratings. 

Find out more about how you can improve your business’ performance with Locate2u by clicking here. 

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