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BlueBox Systems unveils BlueBoxCargo: Real-time air and ocean freight tracking

BlueBox Systems unveils BlueBoxCargo: Real-time air and ocean freight tracking
BlueBox Systems unveils BlueBoxCargo: Real-time air and ocean freight tracking

BlueBox Systems, a leader in logistics visibility solutions, has launched BlueBoxCargo. This new tracking solution combines the best features of BlueBoxAir and BlueBoxOcean. It offers real-time tracking for air and ocean freight, helping companies optimize their supply chains effectively.

Why does this matter? The tracking solution provides companies with real-time tracking for their shipments, improving visibility and control over their supply chains. This leads to better planning, reduced delays, and increased efficiency, ultimately saving costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

After creating BlueBoxAir for the air freight industry and launching BlueBoxOcean earlier this year, the company is now combining the two solutions.

Time-critical supply chains 

BlueBox Systems is a german-based company. It was founded in 2021 from the logistics and digitization expertise of BusinessCode GmbH.

BlueBoxCargo offers a reliable and efficient solution for companies managing time-critical and complex supply chains through air and ocean freight. With its user-friendly design, BlueBoxCargo helps minimize delays, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain performance. 

The platform is quick and easy to set up, allowing users to immediately benefit from its extensive tracking and reporting features.

Here are some benefits to tracking cargo: 

  • Companies can monitor their shipments’ exact location and status at any time, reducing uncertainty.
  • Real-time data helps in better planning and coordination, leading to more efficient logistics operations.
  • Tracking helps in reducing the risk of theft and loss by keeping a constant eye on the cargo.

What’s the bigger picture for businesses when it comes to cargo tracking? 

By identifying potential issues early, businesses can take proactive measures to avoid delays. This helps in minimizing additional costs related to storage, rerouting, and lost or damaged goods​. 

Shipping companies like Hap-Lloyd have also introduced tracking of containers. In May, the company unveiled “Live Position,” a dry container tracking solution for logistics. This new offering gives customers unprecedented visibility, tracking their shipments from the point of departure to the final destination. 

Imagine how the new BlueBoxCargo could assist the shipping world in the current state of the logistics and shipping industry, especially with the Red Sea crisis at hand. 

Here’s a scenario: A logistics company that ships high-value electronics from its factory in Asia to Europe via the Red Sea. Due to the ongoing crisis in the Red Sea region, there are increased risks of delays. 

With the use of BlueBoxCargo, the logistics company updates its European clients about the delay and revised estimated arrival time, maintaining transparency and customer trust.

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