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NZ Post opens new facility in Auckland

NZ Post opens new facility in Auckland
NZ Post opens new facility in Auckland

NZ Post has opened a new state-of-the-art facility in Auckland. The company will now process domestic parcels on-site. International parcel sorting will follow later this year once customs moves into the facility. 

The company’s CEO David Walsh says it will also have more capacity than previously seen in the country. “We are investing to meet the expected long-term growth in domestic and international e-commerce, as we continue to evolve to meet the future needs and growth ambitions of our customers,” says Walsh. 

Why does this matter? The company’s delivery network will allow NZ Post to manage the transition to a commercially sustainable mail delivery service as the business progresses its strategy toward a single network for mail and courier delivery. 

Parcel network 

The facility measures a massive 30,000 square meters – larger than four rugby fields! It will have the capacity to handle over 30,000 parcels per hour. “We’ve also invested heavily in better technology, which means better accuracy and more visibility of where parcels are in our network, removing manual handling and sorting,” says Walsh. 

We see parcel processing being reshaped by technology. Automation technologies like sorting machines, conveyor belts, and robotic systems are capable of handling thousands of parcels per hour. This speed is crucial, especially during peak times such as holidays or special sales periods.

As many logistics operators and couriers shift to operating sustainably, there is another advantage of going ‘green’ for a parcel facility. Automation can lead to more efficient route planning and load optimization, reducing the carbon footprint of transportation logistics. 

Automated facilities often use state-of-the-art technologies that can also include energy-efficient machinery and systems.

Sticking with the advancement of technology, the new Auckland site will run an automated processing operation for domestic parcels, packets, small packets, and international inbound and outbound parcels. 

Across the pond in Australia, Australia Post (AusPost) has digitized its delivery notifications. The company says that the new digital notifications would reduce paper waste, offering customers greater convenience, reliability, and flexibility when planning their parcel pickups while away from home.

Courier service insights for 2024 

Zoom2u gives some insight into trends for courier services in 2024 which include autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and sustainability. 

Earlier this year, Italian postal service provider Poste Italiane launched a new refrigerated food delivery service called PosteGoFresh. The service is being done by MLK Fresh, which is a joint venture between Poste Italiane subsidiary MLK Deliveries and Mazzocco, – a company that specializes in refrigerated transportation.

Refrigerated products can now be transported along the entire supply chain – with temperature control. The service is powered by technology. Customers can schedule a delivery at a time of their choice. 

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Photo Credit: NZ Post

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