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UPS launches Saturday home delivery service

UPS launches Saturday home delivery service
UPS launches Saturday home delivery service

Logistics giant UPS has announced the launch of a weekend residential delivery service. This will bring Saturday deliveries to customers in major cities in Canada. 

The company is Canada’s first global package carrier to provide this service. UPS Canada President Stephanie Dexter says: “UPS is helping businesses meet customer expectations for timely, convenient deliveries. We are excited to help them grow and compete in today’s market.”

Delivery to major metropolitan cities 

Customers who usually get packages on a Monday will now receive them on Saturdays. By March, the service will be available in Montreal, Laval, Calgary, and Greater Vancouver.  

UPS has been on an innovation mission in recent months. It has expanded its Access Point locker network in the UK. The company has partnered with smart locker providers and opened 400 new locations where deliveries can be made. 

Customers can have packages to their nearest location when they are away. It allows customers to collect their packages at a locker at any time. 

Delivering parcels on a Saturday is no new phenomenon. Australia Post (AusPost) expanded its metro service, offering delivery to customers in Melbourne earlier this year. 

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Innovation through technology 

Technology like artificial intelligence is making parcel delivery easier. UPS is now using automated technology to improve its package flow.

The company has initiated several technological improvements targeting specific physically demanding processes on employees. These processes will also ensure faster throughput. 

Pick-up-and-place technology is being used to help staff sort small packages. Unloading technologies now help UPS employees unload quickly and give customers better package care.   

In 2023, 57% of UPS’ packages processed through the company’s network went through automated facilities. The businesses’ airfreight facilities are also equipped with automated package flow technology. 

Growth in parcel delivery through the acquisition 

In October 2023, UPS acquired MNX Global Logistics (MNX), a time-critical logistics provider. The acquisition will give more capabilities to UPS customers who rely on time-sensitive critical logistics solutions in healthcare and other industries. 

This acquisition will assist UPS’ subsidiary, Marken, in meeting its drug product and biological sample shipment requirements.   

US Parcel delivery market 

Maximize Market Research reports North America dominates the global parcel delivery market with a total service share of 45%. “According to International Post Corporation, United Parcel Service is the largest and most often utilized package delivery firm in the United States.”

The report also gives insight into technology trends in the industry. It adds that courier companies continue to benefit from online sales. “Physical things are increasingly being purchased online by consumers and businesses, and these items must be delivered. Furthermore, parcel processing devices capable of sorting 20,000 shipments in an hour have increased the industry’s efficiency.” 

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