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NSW stepping up surveillance of freight

NSW stepping up surveillance of freight
NSW stepping up surveillance of freight

The New South Wales’ transport department is installing more freight cameras on the state’s roads. In December authorities announced the installation of these cameras to assist in classifying freight movement.

Australasian Transportation News reports the camera installation is moving to the state’s north west region. Cameras will be placed at Golden Highway-Denman Road intersection in Denman, Barrier Highway in Nyngan and at the Bourke Road-Kidman Way intersection in Cobar. 

The cameras are already placed at the following locations: 

  • Sheahan Bridge (northbound only), Gundagai
  • Foreshore Road, Port Botany, Sydney
  • Hexham Bridge (South Bound only), Stockton Bridge, Tighes Hill Bridge, Newcastle
  • Moorebank Avenue, Moorebank, Sydney
  • Cockfighters Bridge, Wollombi Brook
  • Thomas Mitchell Drive, Muswellbrook
  • Newell Hwy x Lizard Dr/Old Brewery Rd, Narrandera

AI camera technology in logistics 

Besides cameras to monitor freight movement, shipping companies are now even using artificial intelligence (AI) in rail transportation. DB Cargo, a division of logistics company DB Group, is using (AI) for rail wagon movement. The company says: “After the AI software was successfully piloted for photo analysis in rail freight transport, it is now being used at DB Cargo locations throughout Germany.”

Logistics companies are using AI to improve efficiency. We see this in well-known carriers such as UPS and FedEx. DB Cargo states that AI will make work processes easier. 

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Technology is being recognized in logistics operations 

“Artificial intelligence methods also increase efficiency for maintenance commissioning employees. This has created a new, attractive job profile, the digital diagnostics expert. 

AI will also reduce the future workload of wagon inspectors, who are responsible for trackside diagnostics of freight wagons. Without the technology, it currently takes more than an hour to inspect a freight train, depending on the train’s length,” DB Cargo says. 

A report by Economist Impact and DP World titled Trade in Transition 2024 emphasizes that supply chain companies have realized the difference AI makes in their operations. “Predominantly fuelled by breakthroughs in AI, optimism about technology among business

leaders has led to a paradigm shift. Where technology was once viewed as a supplementary tool, technology is now increasingly recognised as the backbone of supply-chain restructuring.” 

Even the healthcare sector is benefitting from AI with “advanced machine learning significantly improved the platelet supply chain, achieving a 54% reduction in expired platelets and eliminating ad hoc transport costs, while maintaining high delivery reliability.” 

But despite companies using AI, the human element is still important as logistic provider DHL points out. In a world in which artificial intelligence is implemented to improve customer service response rates, agent productivity, and ticket management, chatbots for consumer queries are becoming more sophisticated, helping to predict consumer needs and helping with simple requests,” says DHL

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