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UK government establishes council to safeguard flows of vital goods

UK government establishes council to safeguard flows of vital goods
UK government establishes council to safeguard flows of vital goods

The UK government has established the Critical Imports Council. This new body will assist to safeguard the flow of goods like medicine and smartphone chips. The council comprises 23 industry experts who will advise in ensuring the supply chain of critical goods is resilient.

Business and trade minister and chairperson of the Critical Import Council Alan Mak says it’s never been more important to strengthen the UK’s supply chains and make sure vital goods can continue reaching consumers. This especially since events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Red Sea crisis. 

“That’s why we’re now going even further to strengthen our critical goods supplies with the launch of this new Council, which will bring together government and industry experts to help protect businesses from supply chain shocks now and in the future,” says Mak. 

Leading companies join council 

In February, Locate2u reported that the Red Sea crisis was causing widespread havoc for EU and UK businesses. Research by the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) showed almost 37% of companies surveyed in the report say they have been impacted by the Red Sea crisis. 

Leading UK companies, such as Rolls-Royce and Johnson Matthey, are joining a new Council aimed at bolstering the UK’s supply chains. This initiative seeks to enhance both the resilience and security of supply chains to safeguard businesses and the consumers depending on them.

The Council will collaborate with the government to address current supply chain challenges and formulate practical solutions. They plan to meet quarterly to discuss potential risks in supply chains and determine the necessary support for UK businesses to mitigate these vulnerabilities. 

Supply chain shocks 

In addition, the department for business and trade is set to launch a new online portal. This platform will enable businesses to report issues related to bureaucratic hurdles or supply chain disruptions, facilitating prompt action to tackle these problems.

Rhett Hatcher, CEO of UK Chamber of Shipping says: “In an unpredictable world, it is vital that the UK government acts to improve the UK’s resilience to global supply chain shocks. The establishment of this Council is an important step and will enable us to work together to tackle our collective challenges.” 

Logistics UK Chief Executive David Wells (OBE) says the company’s seat on the Critical Imports Council recognises the vital role that the logistics sector plays in ensuring the success of the UK economy. “The breadth of experience on the council is exceptional and, working together, we can develop practical solutions to secure the UK’s supply chains and mitigate risks to the flow of essential goods to UK households, businesses and public services.” 

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