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Bpost’s Ecozone initiative extends to all suburbs in Leuven

Bpost’s Ecozone initiative extends to all suburbs in Leuven
Bpost’s Ecozone initiative extends to all suburbs in Leuven

bpost group (Belgian Post Group) has broadened the reach of its Ecozone initiative, now encompassing the entirety of Leuven. This expansion escalates the scale of sustainable delivery services, enhancing coverage from 58,000 to 103,000 residents within the city.

Jos Donvil, CEO bpost says that sustainable urban logistics is an important driver of accessibility and quality of life in cities. “That’s why bpost is investing heavily in zero-emission mail deliveries and a dense network of pick-up points,” says Donvil. 

The effectiveness of the company’s Ecozones stems from the reliance on a comprehensive network of pick-up points and zero-emission delivery methods, significantly mitigating the environmental footprint of the business operations. 

Initiated as a pilot in 2020, this program has become a key milestone in bpost’s mission towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.

Sustainable parcel delivery

A recent internal study by bpost shows that Leuven stands out in Belgium for its sustainable delivery metrics, with nearly one-quarter of parcels being routed to pick-up points.

Leuven residents typically collect their parcels on foot or by bicycle. Notably, four of the top ten most frequented parcel locker locations in Belgium (specifically those without screens) are situated in Leuven, underscoring the city’s commitment to environmentally friendly logistics practices.

In 2023, the Leuven Ecozone initially catered to approximately 58,000 residents within the postal codes 3000 (Leuven) and 3001 (Heverlee). The expansion to include Kessel-Lo (3010), Wilsele (3012), and Wijgmaal (3018) incorporates an additional 45,000 residents into the service area. Consequently, the Ecozone now spans the full territory of the city of Leuven. 

Urban logistics solutions 

All deliveries are executed from the Philipssite Mailcenter, employing 12 electric bikes with trailers and 65 electric vehicles. Furthermore, bpost, in collaboration with the city of Leuven is exploring potential new locations for parcel lockers in these areas. This extension enhances bpost’s commitment to advancing sustainable urban logistics solutions.

Courier companies worldwide are choosing sustainable delivery options for various reasons. Electric vehicles and bikes produce zero emissions at the point of use, significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with the delivery of parcels. This contributes to improved air quality and lower greenhouse gas emissions, supporting efforts to combat climate change.

Electric vehicles and bikes typically have lower operating costs than traditional gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. This is due to fewer moving parts, which leads to reduced maintenance requirements and lower fuel costs, as electricity is generally cheaper than fossil fuels.

Customers prioritize sustainability 

Locate2u recently reported on supply chain management company Blue Yonder’s third annual sustainability survey. This report gathered insights from U.S. consumers on eco-friendly shopping behaviors, the trustworthiness of green brands, and the use of electric vehicles, among other topics. 

A key finding in the survey shows that 78% of respondents say sustainability is a determining factor when choosing to purchase a product or shop at a particular retailer. 

Photo Credit: Bpost

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