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Just Eat makes ordering faster with new AI assistant 

Just Eat makes ordering faster with new AI assistant 
Just Eat makes ordering faster with new AI assistant 

The online food delivery service, Just Eat, is developing an AI-powered assistant designed to improve customers’ demand for more everyday convenience. This artificial intelligence technology is expected to minimize customer time spent ordering food. 

On the AI menu

Just Eat plans to roll out new features soon, which include helping customers with personalized recommendations. It will also help with regular order updates and provide AI assistance for “specific customer questions.”

“We’re at a time when anyone anywhere can order whatever they want, whenever they want, online and via apps. This trend of digitalization is one that fuels our growth,” says the delivery company in a statement. 

The AI assistant will be piloted with some customers in the UK. The plan is to roll it out to more countries globally, too. It will also be tested in several languages over the coming months. 

“Testing new innovations is one of the ways we respond to growing consumer demand for convenience and choice while fostering a trustworthy and seamless experience,” says the company. 

Robot deliveries

Just Eat is testing different delivery forms, including robot deliveries in the US. It’s also testing it out in Poland. This is to “support our partners to fulfill deliveries in shorter distances,” the company says. 

“Grubhub offers robot delivery to its campus partners at universities across the United States. Pynze.pl has piloted this for consumers in Warsaw. We’ve also trialed delivery by drone in Ireland and the Netherlands to deliver products quickly and efficiently to residents,” the statement reads. 

Innovation in the company

Earlier this year, the team in Canada launched the ‘Do Good Deal’ pilot to help minimize food waste. Selected restaurants could use the platform to offer end-of-day discounts on unsold menu items that would have otherwise gone to waste. “We are now working to expand the pilot within Europe. We are forever exploring new technologies, from using robotics technology and testing new features always to be ahead of what’s coming next. Overall, this will help the business in driving an enhanced experience for consumers and partners across the world,” says Just Eat. 

Uber’s AI assistant is almost ready

Just a month ago, Uber announced its plans to add an AI assistant to its offering by the end of the year. It’s set to be powered by Google’s PaLM language model. It will search through the app’s 900,000 merchants to help customers make decisions faster. Uber says it will help customers find their favorite meals quicker without endlessly scrolling through stores and menus.  

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