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Australia Post, Microsoft to enhance customer data protection

Australia Post, Microsoft to enhance customer data protection
Australia Post, Microsoft to enhance customer data protection
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Australia Post (AusPost) and Microsoft will be renewing their partnership to protect customers’ data and enhance cyber security. The partnership will also see them exploring the “safe use of AI for increased efficiency. 

The three-year partnership aims to ensure Australia Post can deliver on its Post26 Strategy as the business continues to simplify and modernize operations. The strategy was created to “guide decisions on the networks, skills, customer-experience and technology” to secure Aus Post’s success. 

Australia Post-Microsoft partnership

Last year, Australia Post consolidated its software platforms into one, under the Microsoft umbrella. This ensures customer data is secured within a single ecosystem, which minimizes the risk of a security breach. 

The postal service has made significant strides towards this goal.

Australia Post’s executive general manager of enterprise services, Michael McNamara, says it’s vital to strengthen defenses, especially as AI-driven technologies continue to evolve. 

Australia Post is serious about making our services secure,” says McNamara, adding that it includes “strengthening our entire technology ecosystem from emails right through to careful management of customer data.”

Commitment to security

Microsoft’s general manager of commercial enterprises, Jo Dooley, says this partnership will “bolster defenses against the latest security threats.” In addition, it will “empower AusPost to fulfill its mission of connecting people across Australia more securely.” 

McNamara said the postal company is partnering with “leading technology companies worldwide” to ensure it’s bringing “the best engineering capability and talent.”

Other global partnerships include Australia Post signing a deal with Salesforce to boost digitization, automation and “the simplification of products and services.” 

Customers value data protection

PwC’s recent ‘Voice of the Consumer Survey’ showed that more than 80% of consumers want assurances that their data won’t be sold. Consumers tend to remain loyal to companies with proven track records of protecting customer data. 

But this can also be tricky since consumers also want personalized marketing, which requires the collection of their data. Despite the rising living costs, Australian consumers are willing to pay more for personalized experiences. 

It might seem like a fine line to walk, but businesses who navigate this delicate balance can, according to the PwC survey, win customers over with a “virtuous circle” of trust and revenue, by providing incentives in exchange for data. 

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