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Locate2u is a software platform designed for any delivery or service business. Our solution helps these businesses improve their route efficiency, improve their customer’s delivery experience, and increase productivity, all while reducing the time it takes to plan routes.

How To Manage Your Drivers

What Does Last Mile Carrier Mean?
What Does Last Mile Carrier Mean?

One of the best ways to improve your business’ performance and productivity is by managing your drivers. They are the first impression your customer gets of your brand, so if they encounter a bad delivery experience, they’ll be less likely to use your services again.

Knowing your driver’s availability, providing optimised routes, keeping track of their whereabouts and ensuring they provide customers with proof of delivery are all key to keeping your team organised. 

Know Your Driver’s Availability

A large portion of delivery drivers are part-time, with differing levels of availability that can be at times, difficult to manage. Some drivers can only be available during the morning on allocated days, whereas others might only be available during weekends and afternoons. 

Using a delivery management software like Locate2u will help you access your drivers availability, so you can assign them bookings.

This technology makes it possible to manage your drivers without having to worry about when they can and can’t carry out a delivery. 

Fleet maintenance
Fleet maintenance

Optimse Their Routes 

Not having optimised routes for your drivers means it will take them longer to complete deliveries. This not only wastes time that could be spent carrying out other orders but also money as your driver will be consuming more fuel along their journey. 

Route optimisation is a great way to solve this issue, as it takes into consideration the availability of your drivers, the number of bookings and their locations to build the most time-effective routes. 

No more spending hours manually planning routes that can often be susceptible to human error. Route optimisation will have your stops planned out in seconds with only the click of a button so your drivers can complete as many bookings as their availability allows. 

Keep Track Of The Whereabouts 

Another way to manage your drivers is by keeping track of their whereabouts throughout their journey. Having access to real-time tracking will allow you to see your drivers location in real-time, so you can see they are on the right track and completing deliveries productively. 

This level of visibility means that if a customer wants to know where and when their order will arrive, they can call up and a team member can access that information easily. Real-time tracking improves communication between you, your driver and your customer, giving everyone a smoother experience. 

Proof Of Delivery

Mistakes happen and some deliveries can be unsuccessful. Missing, damaged or even lost parcels can all occur, along with a less than impressed customer.  However, not having your driver sign off on the delivery and providing visual confirmation of its arrival could lead to negative online reviews. This can potentially damage your business’ reputation. 

Having a reliable proof of delivery system means your customers can know exactly where, when and in what condition their item arrived. You as a business owner can have peace of mind that your driver has completed the delivery without issue. 

Delivery management software
Delivery management software

Manage Your Drivers With Locate2u 

Managing your drivers can be made easy with Locate2u. Locate2u is a delivery management software that offers real-time tracking, booking management, route optimisation and proof of delivery. This technology gives you the necessary tools to save time and money for your business by keeping your team of drivers organised and ready to carry out successful deliveries. 

Learn more about how Locate2u can help you manage your drivers by clicking here,

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Founder and CEO at Zoom2u & Locate2u (ASX:Z2U). Steve has significant software development and entrepreneurial experience. Operating in the delivery space for more than 15-years, he actively contributes to the development of the industry. He has a strong focus on job management and job despatch systems.

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