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Nevada inland port introduces intermodal service

Nevada inland port introduces intermodal service
Nevada inland port introduces intermodal service

The Port of Nevada has introduced an intermodal service due to a partnership formed between French shipping company CGM CMA and Union Pacific. 

Stuart Lichter, president of the Port of Nevada says direct rail access between Reno and the West Coast significantly increases the amount of cargo freight that can be shipped. This service will assist in transport options for imports and exports between Fernley, Nevada, and the Port of Oakland.

Why does this matter? By offering an alternative to road transport, the intermodal service enhances supply chain resilience.

Benefits of the Port of Nevada

Justin Lichter, vice president of Industrial Realty Group of Los Angeles told Northern Nevada Business Weekly the Port of Nevada not only alleviates routine shipping delays along Interstate 80 but also allows substantially more goods to flow into Northern Nevada from the Port of Oakland. 

In April, Union Pacific launched a new direct domestic intermodal service that connects the Los Angeles Basin to Chicago. This is aimed at enhancing the efficiency of cargo transfers and reducing road congestion by shifting freight from road to rail.

CMA CGM will add seven sailings with 7,000-TEU vessels from Asia to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean by the end of June. 

What are the advantages of intermodal services? 

  • Cost efficiency: Intermodal services combine different transportation modes. This helps reduce fuel costs and maximizes container capacity, leading to lower overall shipping expenses.
  • Environmental benefits: Using rail and sea transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to road transport. This makes intermodal services more eco-friendly.
  • Flexibility: Intermodal services offer versatile routing options, allowing for adjustments based on cost, time, and destination requirements.
  • Reduced congestion: By shifting freight from roads to rail or sea, intermodal services help alleviate traffic congestion. 

Importance of the Port of Oakland

Oakland is a top export seaport. Shipping products to Asia from Oakland usually saves a day of transit time due to its central location on the West Coast of North America.

Exports from the Port of Oakland include fruit and nuts and meats. 

Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Photo Credit: Canva

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