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Online shoppers: DHL’s insights on e-commerce trends

Online shoppers: DHL’s insights on e-commerce trends
Online shoppers: DHL’s insights on e-commerce trends

Logistics giant DHL has released an e-commerce trends report looking at online shopper trends in 2024. To give businesses insight into what consumers want from online retailers the company surveyed 12,000 shoppers in 24 countries.

It asks a valuable question: Why do shoppers really abandon their basket? 41% of the survey’s respondents say “delivery is too expensive.” 

Why does this report matter? Highlighting key trends and insights into what online shoppers value will help businesses improve their customer experience and stay competitive.

Countries part of the survey

What are the biggest frustrations for online shoppers?

High delivery costs are a major frustration for shoppers worldwide. In fact, 41% of shoppers abandon their purchase because delivery is too expensive, posing a serious risk of losing customers over delivery charges.

In Europe, shoppers are most frustrated by having to pay for returns. This frustration is highest in Spain, France, and the UK.

Improving online shopping experience

Across the globe, e-commerce is on an upward swing, with countries like Australia showing signs of an industry boom. 

“Offering reliable delivery and returns can help solve shoppers’ frustrations and improve their experience.The right delivery provider can help your business connect deliveries and returns to help ensure your customers are satisfied,” reads the report

What benefits matter most to online shoppers?

The report notes that today’s online shoppers are cost-sensitive. Reduced prices are especially important to online shoppers in Turkey, with 74% rating them as ‘very important’. Though slightly less in other European countries, reduced prices are still the top benefit.

  • 85% reduced prices. 
  • 77% discount codes. 
  • 68% spending rewards. 
  • 63% loyalty schemes.  
  • 56% personalized shopping experience. 
  • 55% exclusive access to new products. 

Here’s a suggestion from DHL: “Have you considered offering online shoppers a discount code for free delivery? With free delivery improving shoppers’ online experience, this could persuade shoppers to make a purchase” 

What motivates shoppers to subscribe to email newsletters?

DHL’s report finds 52% of online shoppers say they ‘sometimes use a retailer app”. It also highlights retailer apps are gaining popularity among online shoppers for several key reasons:

  • They offer exclusive deals and offers.
  • The shopping process is easier and more convenient with simple navigation and digital payment options.
  • Shoppers get a personalized experience based on their browsing and past purchases.

Which social media platforms have online shoppers purchased from before? 

  • 37%: Facebook
  • 28%: Instagram
  • 18%: TikTok
  • 16%: YouTube
  • 7%: Pinterest 
  • 6%: Snapchat 

Which marketplaces are online shoppers using?

Preferred payment option 

Are you losing sales because your customers can’t find their preferred payment options? 61% of respondents say they abandoned their cart because their preferred payment option wasn’t available.

Here’s a scenario: Emma is shopping online for a new pair of shoes. She adds her chosen pair to the cart and proceeds to checkout. Emma always uses her favorite payment method for its convenience and security. 

When she reaches the payment options, she realizes that the store doesn’t offer her preferred payment method, only credit card payments. Emma feels frustrated because she has to fetch her card and manually enter the details, a process she finds cumbersome and time-consuming. 

Annoyed by the lack of her preferred payment method, Emma decides to abandon her cart and look for the shoes on another website that accepts her payment option. 

Why are online shoppers abandoning their baskets?  

Delivery provider

DHL’s report finds that today’s online shoppers care more about reliable, fast, and affordable deliveries. Since 66% of them base their buying decisions on the delivery provider, it’s crucial for your business to choose a trusted delivery partner.

65% of shoppers worldwide want to know the delivery provider before making a purchase.

Multiple delivery options

“Providing options such as parcel lockers, pick-up points, and rescheduling gives shoppers more control over their delivery experience,” read the report. The report adds that offering both free and paid delivery options gives shoppers a choice. Those who need their items quickly might opt for faster, paid delivery, while budget-conscious shoppers can choose slower, free delivery.

Report Graphics Credit – DHL. Photo Credit: Canva

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