What influences fleet management software costs?

What influences fleet management software costs

Fleet management software allows you to assess what impacts costs such as fuel consumption and how you can reduce them. A fleet management system also helps businesses keep up with driver safety and regulatory compliance. 

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But how much are you expected to pay in order to get the most out of a quality fleet management software? There are a number of factors that impact fleet management software costs such as the types of features, features included, what equipment they offer and the requirements of your business model.

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How much does fleet management software cost?

The cost of a fleet management software depends entirely on the platform, the type of software and your requirements. The more vehicles within your fleet the more expensive it will be. 

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A fleet management software will on average cost between $35 a month per vehicle or $3500-$6500 per year for a fleet of ten vehicles. 

A number of operations use the pay-per vehicle mode, however others can be pay-per-user OR might let you choose. The difference lies in whether the software and hardware purchased is connected to the vehicle or driver. 

It’s always best to do your research so you can see what the top fleet management companies are charging, allowing you to make better and more informed decisions.

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What influences fleet management software costs? 

Types of vehicles

types of vehicle

The types of vehicles in your fleet will impact how much fleet management software will cost. 

Trucks, vans, cars, motorbikes will all be priced relatively the same, however, heavy mining trucks and larger vehicles that travel deep underground or outside the grid will be a lot more expensive. This is because they require a satellite as phone reception cannot be found there, ultimately increasing the price of fleet management. 



Fleet management software costs can be influenced by the specific features being offered. 

Whilst it is more expensive to have access to real-time tracking, proof of delivery etc., it’s essential to the productivity of your fleet and keeping your customers satisfied. 

In this case, a quality software that provides you with a variety of features is worth the additional cost. 



The equipment offered by a fleet management solution can enhance visibility between you and your drivers, however this may come at a price.

For example, Locate2u has a variety of GPS trackers to choose from that ranges in price. A plug and play device is the perfect fit for vehicle tracking given its compact and affordable nature. You can also use the tracker in other vehicles without installation. 

A hardwired device is typically the more expensive option and must be installed by an electrician, making it harder to move. This reduces the potential for theft and ensures that all vehicles are being tracked accordingly. 

Soften chosen

Soften chosen

There are two types of fleet management systems to choose from, both with different prices attached. 

Cloud-based software allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your fleet at any moment in time. It’s also mobile friendly and gives you access to GPS software using a tablet or smartphone. 

Additionally, you can communicate with your drivers, access live updates and plenty more!

Web-based fleet management software lets fleet managers track their vehicles through a web browser. The software can often be accessed via the internet or by downloading it onto your device. 

Web-based fleet management software

Type of business 

If you’re a smaller business then you’ll have less vehicles within your fleet that require management. As for larger businesses who have dozens and possibly hundreds of vehicles, a different plan accommodating their number is needed. 

Fleet management solution costs will obviously be cheaper among smaller fleets given the different level of requirements. 

Best fleet management software for your drivers 

Best fleet management software for your drivers 

If you’re a fleet manager of commercial vehicles then Locate2u is the most reliable solution. Locate2u is a highly useful fleet management tool that automates the entire delivery process from start to finish so you can focus on other business matters. 

Track your fleet operations, access gps tracking, have better fuel management, reduce fuel costs and streamline the entire fleet management process.

Book a demo with one of our team members today and learn more about how does fleet management software work and why Locate2u is the all-in-one logistics management software for your business.

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