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Uber reveals 2024’s most bizarre lost items

Uber reveals 2024's most bizarre lost items
Uber reveals 2024's most bizarre lost items

Uber has found an explanation for the strange collection of items often left behind by absent-minded riders: Mercury is still in retrograde. As one can imagine, this observation is not peer-reviewed by scientists, but it does explain (or not) quite a few curiosities.

“With Mercury in Retrograde, which astrologists say influences forgetfulness, we’re back with a snapshot of the most surprising and most popular items left behind in Ubers.”

From everyday essentials (clothing items and wallets) to bizarre oddities (fart sensors and beard softeners), this year’s report showcases the amusing side of forgetfulness. 

Uber’s Lost & Found Index

Uber released its eighth annual Lost & Found Index, and some of the items on the list are a tad unusual… Phones and books are misplaced all the time, but how about a scented candle that says ‘See You In Court?’ Or a live turtle? 

Beyond just providing a list of the most unique lost items, the report also shares the most interesting trends, from a common color of said items to the “most forgetful days and cities.” 

Here are the top trends, including the cities, days, and times when people are most likely to misplace their belongings.

Common and quirky

The Index consists of all the items reported via the ‘I Lost An Item’ web page or app feature. 

The most commonly forgotten items are not surprising and feature all the usual suspects one might expect. 

At the top of the list, we have clothing, luggage, headphones, wallets, and jewelry. People also left their phones behind more than they’d like to admit, along with cameras, tablets or books, laptops, and vaping devices. 

Some of the oddest items lead to more questions than answers… Uber support staff probably had a lot of fun adding frontal hair toupees, breathalyzers, ceramic cats, a small rat skeleton prop, a gray tub of surgical implants, a fart sensor, and a fake butt to the list. 

One rider left the following desperate note: “I left a leaf in your car that’s much needed,” while another said: “I might have left my garden fence in the trunk.” 

Food items also made the list, from leftover pizzas to a whole smoked pork belly, a pan of chicken spaghetti, and cookies.

Some of the entries gave us a chuckle: 

  • “A nice cheese. Feel free to keep!”
  • “Small container of valuable honey.”
  • “A bowl of meat is in your car! And I need it!”
  • “Tomatoes. Don’t need ‘em back, just a heads up so they don’t cook in your car!”
  • “I left some pasta in the back by accident. Feel free to have it! It was so yummy and I didn’t eat out of the plate. Thanks again!”

Miami took the lead as the most “forgetful city”, followed closely by Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, and Dallas. Other contenders include Orlando, Phoenix, Tampa Bay, Denver, and Austin. 

Fun fact: Red was the color of most missing items. Items included a garden gnome with a bright red hat, a red feather, a red panic button, tomatoes, and even a pair of underwear. Meanwhile, crystal collectors kept losing their purple amethysts and green aventurines.

Mini Cooper owners also get a shoutout as “the most forgetful drivers.” Most of the car keys left behind in Ubers were from Mini Cooper owners. Uber couldn’t resist this jab: “They won’t be getting very far in their little cars!”

Uber also narrowed down the data to the most forgetful day of the year, as well as the peak hours for reporting lost items. The most lost items were recorded on January 21, 2024. And the most forgetful times of the day? Between 9 pm and 10 pm.

“Not the ideal nighttime routine we see on TikTok, huh?” Uber quips. 

People also tend to forget certain items on certain days:

  • Luggage on Mondays. 
  • Headphones on Tuesdays. 
  • Wallets on Wednesday. 
  • Jewelry on Thursdays. 
  • Phones on Fridays. 
  • Vapes on Saturdays. 
  • Clothing on Sundays. 

If you’ve left something behind in an Uber, the easiest way to retrieve it is to call the driver. If you’ve lost your phone, log into your account from a different device and select the trip in question via the “Activity” section. Then, select “Find Lost Item.” 

Image credit: Uber

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